Tuesday I reckon.

Alright? Going to work in a minute for Funky Friday🥳 then off for 9 days from tomorrow so today can just hurry up and fuck off imo. What about you then eh?



First day back after 2 weeks off.
Ah well, all good things and all that :grimacing:

Flu jab later. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.


Day 2 of no bathroom. Feel grubby already. Might have another garden wash.

How was your break?


Trying to find something to wear that doesn’t make me feel like an ogre is difficult. Please can I just hide under my raincoat again.

Got library books to pick up though, five of 'em.

Skyliner tshirt to the rescue, thanks @Scout

Not that I have any real desire to look like a typical mum ay the school gates, but I really hate feeling conspicuous and very much wish I could hide in my nondescript coat.


Woke up at six, been lying in bed listening to the radio since… Well, actually now I’m dressed and I’ve wiped down my work table and put my contact lenses in.

Next up… A cawfee and also look in the cupboards as I found some stuff that went out of date in 2016 and I think it’s making me a bit of a hoarder. I have more modern food that’s just sitting in bags. So yes. That to sort.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

This is the last in the series. After almost exactly 6 months the WFH regime is coming to an end.

“Hoogy HQ -The Movie” is slated for release tomorrow, on all good streaming platforms.

I’ll be here all day, only today.


Omg hoogs is such a tease. He was typing while I was and yet no hoogdate

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Snap! He’s just slow on the hoog

By choice or by force?

Company policy, although I could have rejected it if I wanted.

Is making me think of the stuff astronauts eat :grin:


Wednesday feels like an odd day to start a new regime

Good morning friends :blush:
Gonna coffee and coursework soon. Very soon. More cleaning and sorting.
Keep having the most weird and vivid dreams about people I haven’t spoken to in ages and it’s all a bit unsettling tbh.
Also, only had a bowl of veg for dinner cause it was too hot so sort of sleep walked and ate 3 packets of pombears over the sink

Only 3 days work In the office and then people get to relax for the weekend.

OH and I replied to a rat fan account on twitter and got 38 likes so I actually am an influencer now, a very famous internet influencer, and you’ll all do well to treat me as such


Morning 24 hour party people

Why am I logged into work and on a call already? WHY?

Feels like it should be wednesday, but it’s only tuesday, isn’t it?

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Can you get me free Huel™ thanks