Tuesday I reckon.

Coffee and video games day. Really ought to go out for a walk as well.

What’s ur soundcloud xoxox

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Good thanks, camping in Wales in September was a little ambitious though, it got a bit soggy.
It was still get to get out of London though

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First day in the office since March. Nursery told us they have a couple of possible covid cases so may be straight back into isolation…

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Proper fresh outside isn’t it?

Hiya. 5 1/2 hours of video calls today. Been on the first one since 8:30 :disappointed:

Daily struggle for me imo

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I am reading a book about the James Bulger case at the moment and can confirm reading it before bed makes for some pretty awful dreams.

With absolute contempt? Seems a bit drastic but I’m sure we can try if you want.


Hey, if @Epimer can manage it so can the rest of you!!

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don’t @ me

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Off to Brighton for a couple of nights.

  • It will be warm enough for you to have a swim in the sea today :sun_with_face::ocean:
  • Summer is over and so are all your hopes and dreams :skull_and_crossbones:

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That is textbook contempt

I am so fucking bored of fucking cycling

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It’s genuinely beautiful

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Genuinely a bit bemused about all the people on social media going on about people being encouraged to turn into a nation of shops and snitches.

As if the Stasi had anything on middle England curtain twitchers.

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It’s lovely and warm down here today

:blush: Is the water still brown? :thinking:

Morning everyone

Eating Cheerios in the garden. Will check work email that going to see my daughter off at the station - she’s heading back up to Manchester for uni and I’m going to miss her

Mine never went brown! Ran the tap and shower for ages this morning before my shower to ensure I wasn’t going to get a horror shower. I’m not sure if this means I’m safe now or of the brown water is still in my future