Tuesday I reckon.

Followed company advice and changed my password after a vulnerability was identified. And now my account is locked.

This is a dream when wfh, right? I have stuff to do so am a bit irked

It’s the time of year when the sea’s at it’s warmest!

It’s about eighteen degrees in there at the moment.

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Morning all!

It’s rainy. My computer is restarting again but I’m not teaching until 1.30 so no hurry.

Wor Lass is back at work today for the first time since February. The person doing her back to work interview has called in sick so she’s going into her office to get her laptop updated and then coming home.

Making halloumi burgers (although the recipe never hangs together like a burger so probably halloumi hash browns) for tea.

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Absolute car crash of a morning. Really pissed off with my colleagues which doesn’t happen often.

You know they did that A-Z collection of 10p pieces a couple of years ago? Did anyone ever get any? I only saw G and J. I am also really fucking bored of bikes and journalists and in a proper grump

Morning. Leaning in to the preppy douchebag look today and off to the office to be miserable


Just working really

I’m out of my grump now

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France can still fuck off though



You know how they say each time you shuffle a deck of cards it’s a completely unique shuffle? I think that’s rubbish, bet every possible order has been done now.
Also, do they do bagels without holes? Cause I want an egg bagel sandwich but don’t like the idea of the the yolk peeping through the hole, all exposed.



Morning everyone. Another day working, but going to go for a long walk afterwards and pick up a copy of The Goldfinch. Looks like it’s going to get silly-hot, but still looking forward to it.

Sorry pal, want to vent?

I’m planning a big clear out of my wardrobe this week or next - I have a lot of dresses and floaty tops made from jersey cotton if you’d like them? Happy to pop them in the post and whatever you don’t want you can pass on to a charity shop?

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2 eggs, one on top of the other, yolk to yolk.

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I’m just watching etc etc

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Yeah they’re just called Bags (pronounces baeg).

That’s why bagel comes from Baeg (with a) hole. Bage-hole. Bagel!

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