Tuesday, I think? Tuesday.

Was pretty determined not to buy any more books until I’d made more of a dent in my unread pile, but that’s two positive posts about Girl Woman Other I’ve read on here today now…

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One of those “how are people not constantly on the edge about everything all of the time” daysh

exercising a lot of restraint to not go full nerd in the water transparency thread


listening to Blood Visions, 10 years since Jay Reatard sadly passed

@plasticniki I have a bonefide Soreen fiend on my hands

She’s also dancing round the room to Dan Deacon, so there’s no hope for her really


oh boy it’s time for more coffee golly gosh

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My portugese custard tart has got some rogue mincemeat in it - wtf!

I’ve a good mind to take it back to waitrose only its raining and windy outside and I’m a lazy man

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Happy birthday @AQOS!

I have a fit lunch.


Should have gone to the new Portuguese cafe on Oxford Street :wink:

im in burgess hill unfortunately

That is not a soup.

Much scope for a ‘badly placed air con units/heaters’ thread?


Almost been sick for 3 weeks now, p bored of it to tell the truth.

Avoiding all the work that’s coming to a head this week and feeling really great about that as a life choice yep yep

has this guy plagiarised @colossalhorse on twitter for #numbers?


I spotted this yesterday and the rage has not subsided one bit.


If he starts calling himself The Great Red Porpoise I’m headed to the dark web to find me a hitman.


I got waylaid :flushed:

In Tiltys defense, its very easy to be tempted away from soup.

Not if we’ve been talking soup all day.

… And yet :thinking:


Gonna take a trip to b&m

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