Tuesday, I think?

Hey Tuesday folk.

It is grey but at least not raining (yet). Got a doctors appointment that I don’t really want to go to. Nothing else on today.

You know what to do now… go!

There’s roadworks around the corner that have snarled up the traffic so badly that I’ve given up and come home after sitting in stationary traffic on my street for 15 minutes.

Couldn’t be arsed going to work today anyway, so maybe this is a bonus?

My workplace are on strike today but I am Lead Parent today so it doesn’t really affect me. If she wakes up soon I’m considering taking her to join the picket line.


Slept through my alarm and woke two and a half hours later than required.

Suspect this might have set the tone for the day.


Got a decorator coming round to do wallpaper. Supposedly. He is spectacularly unreliable.

Very grey and drizzly here

Already been in work an hour cause I had to let the butchers in, another day of nothing much to do awaits. Might order some new beers, it’s not my money!

I don’t know what this would be a euphemism for but it definitely sounds like one.


I thought this when i posted it!

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My boss has got a new puppy, but has come to work without the puppy, so now I’m just like ‘yo, goober, where’s the puppy?!?’



Not much on today, need to get on with some writing at work. So far I’ve achieved having two breakfasts (rice crispies at home and veggie sausage sandwich at work).

Been trying to ignore that nagging feeling you get when you’re going to be sick for about an hour now. :neutral_face:

Today is going to be s tough one. Having a bad morning. Decked it this morning on some ice, and done my back. Plus feel shitty about work and yesterday evening. oh well!

look my my new cycling cap, plz ignore my horrible face tho


Morning all. Walked in from the station again today - getting a bit tired of the ice. Busy day ahead. Lovely lovely lovely.


First day back in the office in about a week because of WFH with the snow. I’ve already been quite productive, so I’m slowing down just so that people don’t think I’m slacking when I’m WFH.

Nothing too exciting happening today, but it’s a grey Tuesday, so :man_shrugging:

Driving lesson no.2 today.

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Still rough.
Gotta go for more pints this eve.
It still cold.

:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: and I have a 2.5 hour Skype exam now :zipper_mouth_face:

good luck!

Morning all.

Nothing to report.

Hope you’re all well.