Tuesday II Morning

It’s The Child’s first full day at nursery today.

All of the roads are closed round here because of bike wankers racing in Glasgow.

It’s my first day back at work since June.

Any firsts for you?
Any commute woes?




It was our bairn’s first full day yesterday. Apparently he had a great day and was content all day, cue him starting to greet as soon as he saw us when we went to collect him, ha ha. Think he just got a bit overwhelmed.

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Good luck with work Keith!
And good luck with nursery lil keith

I’m at the gym doing a bit of cardio, might treat myself to a greggs bfast after.

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And a very good morning to all you splendid folk of Drowned in sound.com!


Morning troops, was at work this morning at 5.55am, so pretty sleepy at the moment.

First rain in ages today, feels good.

Gonna play volleyball for the second time tonight. Can you play beach volleyball if it’s been raining? We shall find out.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! (@keith :wink: )

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Another early start here today.


Im now wondering if keith is a day late for his firsts…?


Feeling pre-migrainey. Not going to be able to work from wfh as the painter’s coming back to do, presumably, the second half of the room it took them all day yesterday to do the first half of.

It’s not going to be a productive day.

Did you kill me in any of them this time?

Thanks @Matt_was_taken @plasticniki and @ma0sm


Dreamed I had a dog last night. He was lovely. Woke up with a big smile on my face.

Hi team. Actually going into work for the first time in about two weeks.

Am thirsty.

That is all.

Morning DiS. What you got for me?

Clouds over Sutton Coldfield looking like Springfield this morning


I think we are just doing Tuesday again instead of Wednesday :confused:

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Off to that London to go to the new Ottolengles tonight. Excited!