Tuesday II Morning

the one I’ve got is called sharbat, it’s pomegranate and rose flavour

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Alright gang? Went out on a boat cruise round Manhattan last night and about two minutes in an almighty thunderstorm rolled in of the magnitude I’ve never seen before. Tour guide gamely carried on ‘if we’re lucky we might see lightning strike the Statue of Liberty’. Mate if we’re lucky we won’t all die out here.


I have to stop playing this game at work:

Well, did you?

Didn’t die. Got very wet.

What’s the plan for today?

Yeah yeah yeah, what happened with the :statue_of_liberty:?

Here is one where a big ball of lightning is striking the top.

@anon76851889 dunno, might do Central Park today. Going to see Kinky Boots tonight on Broadway.


Decent show that. Not one of the best, but plenty solid enough.

Have fun!

More like

hahahahahahaha god I crack me up

Looks like she’s lit one of her own farts.

Rubicon are liars then, we’ve been selling that range at work for at least 3 weeks. Probably just trying to palm off some dodgy flavours!

what??!!! I’ve never trust rubicon again. can’t believe I’ve been palmed off with something that’s not even a sclusie



I mean, I agree with you obviously, but given all the ludicrous names people use for supermakets that’ve been allowed on here, I think this point was somehow inevitable. :frowning:

I didn’t even come up with it either, pretty sure I stole it from a podcast

edit: yeah it’s a comedy bang bang joke

The right response here would have been to delete that podcast and never listen to it again.


EURGH. In work, but I still have this weird feeling sick when I’m…awake and really lightheaded, constantly. Bit of pain in the old ear as well, so maybe an ear infection. But the ear is pretty fine. who has time to piss about going to the Dr though, eh?

I am the rage. Fuck everything.

In other news, I have four marzipan apples that have been squished to form one massive deformed marzipan apple. This pleases me.