Tuesday II Morning

I can’t work out where you found this photo.

Urghn. Have spent most of my day off afternoon napping and I feel like I should have done something rather than being a useless sleepy mess.


Oofft, I so want to be near photoshop right now. The things I could do.


if you look closely i’ve added in the balloon


That might just be the straightest picture I’ve ever seen.

i spent quite a while looking for balonz in there

edit: oh i really should have read the rest of the posts before replying


Just left work an hour early. I love being a civil servant sometimes.



Step to the rhythm made out of brown paper

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I love Empire biscuits. The gold bus just gifted me one


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Can’t improve on a nap, though, as far as activities go.

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It was unnecessarily long though, even considering how early I was up. Just feel a bit worthless and have now been attempting to do something, just some tidying, but now I am collapsed back on the bed after one very minor task, berating myself for what an ineffectual waste of a human being I am.

But generally, yes, naps are wonderful things.

Oh dear god they’ve put the heating on in the bus :disappointed_relieved:

that used to happen on my bus (which is why I bought a car) would ask the driver to turn it off and he’d say I can’t it’s drawing heat away from the engine to stop it overheating. Buy a better bus then dickhead ! all year round it was the same.

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turned down the offer of cake from a co-worker in another team out of politeness but i think it’s just been chucked in the bin. i am full of regret. :cry:

They’ve got the air conditioners on too but I’ve only turned mine on because my feet are boiling! Whhhyyyyyyyy. Would quite like to take my trousers off.

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Who is this awful human who throws away cake? Would you like me to have words?