Tuesday II: The Eveninging

Hi folks. Haven’t started one of these for a while. I’m not sure I remember how this works. What you got going on? Tell me one nice thing that happened to you today.

I know I’ve already fucked it as it’s not 18:00 yet.

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Hi Witches! Some people are going to moan that it’s too early for this thread but do you know what, fuck 'em. I’m on my way home and it’s my Friday today so I’m in a good old mood. Had a good meeting with a rep today that may well lead to some free cider for me. Stroganoff for tea. Tuesday!


They shall. I thought they might let me off because it’s been a while. I’m a bit rusty.

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Don’t listen to them, do what you want!

I roasted some butternut squash and served it in wraps with fried veg and homemade salsa. It was decent/10.

Evening @Witches - how is life in Edinburgh?

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Struggling with this one, tbh. Just been a standard working day, same as most of them. Nothing particularly good or bad or in anyway noteworthy has happened.

Weather’s been good I suppose? That’s nice, tbf.

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Feel drained from work and my bootlicking loser colleague

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Hi witches I hope you are well!

I did some sit-ups and watched some game of thrones today

Hi Keith. I am sad I didn’t see your smiling face the other night. Tell me news of the meat.

Things are alright! However it is raining. How is glasgow?

Just taken off my sunnies. Sitting in my room with the curtains closed.

hi witches,

I have some vegetarian sausages I’m going to put in a bun, similar to a hot dog

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Hi Witches :wave: and all

Far too much to do in the next couple of weeks at work, and the stress about not having enough time to do it is making me able to do even less which is making it worse. Feel pretty deflated really.

Anyway I bought myself some new glasses and my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses for maximum functionality so that’s nice.


Dead tired and sniffly and will spend the evening taking it easy

Read a lot of The Magic Mountain today and I love it, fuck all is happening but it washes over me in the best way, something both calming and creepy about it at the same time.

They’ve started selling Linda McCartney veggie sausages here so I’m gonna have them for tea, never had them before so it’s a big moment for me.


I just discovered Snapchat. I can’t stop playing with it. Send help.

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I’m going for a walk

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Have to sort dinner for myself at short notice and am literally dying from a cold, so what should I have for dinner?

  • Burrito
  • Different burrito
  • The other burrito place
  • Incredibly, there’s now a fourth burrito option
  • The last two fish fingers in the freezer and nothing else

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You wouldn’t have seen me even if you were there - I’m a huge disappointment to @laelfy and @japes.

Hopefully we’ll all make it next time!

I know what all the sensible people will vote and I also know you’re eating two fish fingers tonight.


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Witches!!! Nice thing, ERM, got told my staff meeting was inspirational last week so that’s good.

Got to make some tea, sort some stuff and then collapse …


mother of god