Tuesday in the middle of August

Hiya :blush:

A frog sat next to my foot whilst i ate my breakfast, a cat on my lap, no carnage ensued.

What’s on the menu for today?


Apricot wheats, three Linda Macs red onion and rosemary protein tubes between two slices of white bread, garnished with tomato jus a la Heinz, frozen not spag not bol.

Also work. Maybe a nap.


Currently poaching eggs and cooking tomatoes to go with my beans on toast :slight_smile:


Convinced myself that my back was better yesterday and so went on a five mile walk, and now I’m in lots of paaaaaiiiiiin, Lynn.

Did you decide on a sandwich in the end?

SO the sandwich decision thing is bigger than it sounds.

Basically, I make all the lunches for me and A during the week (also largely in general), and over the last little while that’s become me making quite elaborate deli sandwichs which i then wrap and put in the fridge to grab (I tend to make four half-subs to keep us going for two days).

So Monday and today we’ve each got these:

But tomorrow and thurs we’ll be (i have now officially decided) going prawn, avocado and marie-rose sauce subs.


Just gave an incredibly awkward thumbs up at the end of a video call, so that’s going to haunt me for the next six to eight business years.


It’s my wedding anniversary today. Nice sunny day. I was up at 7:30. The 10yo has been up an hour and breakfasted, dressed & is drawing. The eldest is away, in the middle of a 10-day festival tour. Sweden v Spain world cup semi final just kicked off. The TV is still fast asleep

Who knows what the day will bring

It’s harder than you think to find a nice bronze present

boots: ibuprofen and codeine blend.

that shit is weapons-grade. best non-prescription painkiller i ever had, particularly for my back!

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WFH from home today. Kids are off to the seaside with their mum, so I get a day of peace. Might take an extended lunch to get some gochugaru and gochujang. Listening to Florist to really get the sads going.

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I’ll have a look, cheers.

I struggle a bit with Codeine normally. Gives me a bit of brain fog and upsets my stomach. Had some the other day, nice little buzz and helped with the pain, but the next day felt a bit weird.

A client at work emailed after five months of radio silence with something that means I need to drop into the office at some point this week. Which os annoying cause if they’d done it yesterday it would have perfectly synced with my ingenious plans

hopefully these ones don’t have so much codeine in (i suspect that’s one of the reasons they’re v easy to get hold of) but yeah, my cousin has a similar what he thinks is a gentle allergy to it

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Going out for breakfast again. God I hate it.

Then taking V over to his friends so I can sit and drink tea and chat.


Not much on the agenda as wrapping up for a few days off later in the week.

I’m somehow dressed to go for a run though?? I need coffee first.

Morning. About to walk to the station and grab some snacks for a day of trains to get to Tenby for 4. The work laptop has not been packed, that is a problem for next week.


morning troops

it’s my eldest’s birthday tomorrow, and the also the first day of a new school year, so today’s a busy day and the kids are obviously down and tired, but also happy to go back to school to see their mates.

we did a “yes day” which was based initally off the movie where the parents cannot say “no” to things, but we decided to make it clear and do a plan of the day ahead of time so;

we got up and had mcdonalds breakfast
went to a trampoline park
then had a fancy lunch out
then went to a water park and massively overstayed the time “by accident”
had a pizza movie night and had ice cream

i am shattered



Feeling a lot better than I did yesterday

Did a yoga after work yesterday - v sweaty.

Started work at 8 today so I can take a long lunch and go bouldering. Then I’m pub quizzing with @shes_so_high later on

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Come and hang out in the woods with other people who want to talk about public spaces and benches. Food and drinks provided.

Nice try, murderer (obviously I’m going - these are the people who took me to Bavaria last year…am I in a cult?!)

this sounds very, very near to being a sex party/witch coven mashup