Tuesday in the middle of August

Is rugby… Bad?

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This is all going completely over my head

I hope you won and Victoria Coren Mitchell wasn’t condescending to you

Just had a really taxing and difficult call with two other devs about how we build the data structure for something. Never been more aware of the empty space in my head. Just nothing going on upstairs. I’m gonna end up getting sacked.

fucking hell, the academicals were not happy at the end :smiley:

Only Connect, Series 19: 5. Isotopes v Academicals: BBC iPlayer - Only Connect - Series 19: 5. Isotopes v Academicals

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Can someone please tell me how you remove this bit from below a cooker?

I’ve been trying to just pull it off but it’s being a bit stubborn. I’m wondering if it’s screwed in somewhere but I can’t see anywhere it could be :thinking:

think you were on the right lines tbh… mine is attached with a couple of U clips, so opening the cupboard to the left, then pulling on it separates it :man_shrugging:
yours could be different/screwed on of course :sweat_smile:

Thank you! I think maybe years of grease and dust is making it stubborn tbh. I will persevere with the yanking technique :laughing:

I am thinking about going for a run.

I’ll go over to Her Indoors’ mum’s to mooch the iPlayer this afternoon. She’s definitely never watched Only Connect before, I’ll report back with her observations.



I’m having baingan bharta for dinner :yum:

Her Indoors is home from holidays in less than 2 hours :grin:

Got emergency opticians appointment at 4pm :nerd_face:

Finally going to watch The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die tonight after years of postponed and cancelled tours :metal:


If you were this spray bottle which section of the shop would you be in?

They do a different one which is marketed as a travel spray bottle so I’m thinking this one won’t be with travel stuff

Currently on a very uncomfortable seat on the train, but got the bonus of priority seat legroom so not all bad.

Regretting not having a nice train treat, had to settle for Tesco bakery granola squares.


Had to go in to work for a bit of training this morning. Started at 9, sat drinking coffee and eating doughnuts for a couple of hours, home by 1230.

Doing some cheese on toast for lunch and then gonna take the dog for a spin.

do i not give off the air of someone incredibly hard?

always knew you were a dangerous man, but this dangerous?!

I had to solemnly swear to only use my powers for good. (can’t start fights, only END THEM)


(with my good manners)


Just went for a run. Couch to 5k who am I???