Tuesday, innit

What’s happening?

Pub last night, taught someone else the tits and dragons card game and they’ve bought the lot now, so that’s good.

Tonight I need to go to an actual Magic Cave* to borrow some penoid stuff for the weekend.

*a Magic: The Gathering event in the local penoid shop

Last practice before a gig tomorrow. Don’t know two of the songs.
Work first though

Mornin’ Eps, Jordo.

Bit deaf after Boris last night. That was some heavy shit. Don’t expect I’ll do much today bar hunt for jobs online. Getting a bit sick of being unemployed.

diet starts today!

Been for a 40 min walk…ah who cares.

Ventured into the shared office space for the first time in 3 weeks. Both people in here struck up conversations with me like some returning prodigal son / vague acquaintance.

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Just working. Wrote this after my shower.


morning troops.

i’m feeling RUFF. bought some multi-vitamins out of sheer desperation but i’m not quite sure they’re up to the task.

good morning in poem form:

coffee coffee coffee
don’t fucking speak to me


just listening to snarky puppy and making a coffee.

Excited to start a new musical project today :slight_smile:


Been up most of the night with a fever. Reckon it’s side effects of the Yellow Fever vaccine I got last week. So yeah, taking a sick day because of Yellow Fever

I’m really getting into walking Bammers
It’s nice and quite therapeutic

Is he well-behaved enough to be let off his leash at all?


I did not sleep very well so I feel dead but I will take a long lunch to go for a cuzza with my bf
Tonight I have spinning then Yin yoga where the lady comes round and massages your head at the end and you lay under a blanket for ages with the heating on. I’m proper into it.

Morning all.

Listening to the new Hotel Wrecking City Traders album. It’s fucking great.

Got my PDR later and I’ve decided I should probably tell my boss about my mental health issues. But it seems he’s never done a PDR before so his boss is gonna sit in with us. Great stuff.

It’s work in progress. He can’t seem to hear the whistle I bought.


Got a bloody puncture on the way to work didn’t I. Third puncture this month! Fuck sake.

Last night: painted a room.

Tonight: Turbo Beat.


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Where are you going?

Peru and Bolivia!

Didn’t know you needed yellow fever for there! Are you doing the inca trail? Have had a few friends do that recently and they thought it was incredible.