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Morning all, how’re we doing? Really want to go and see The Red Turtle at the Rio tonight, hope it isn’t too hot :sweat:

WFH to receive delivery of a new dishwasher.
Just taken a week off climbing to heal all my tendons so looking forward to a cheeky clamber over lunch.
Then dinner with my siblings this evening to celebrate my second youngest brother’s birthday.

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Nicely done with the dishwaser my man, really stood your ground there.


Morning all. Probably going to hit twenty six degrees here today. Trying to get work out of the way before midday so I can go out and enjoy it.

Viewing a flat at 11, just text my manager to say I won’t be in til after that so got a lie in.

Where’s summer gone? I’ve even put a short sleeve shirt on today after deciding it’s too warm for long sleeves… It’s currently 19 degrees, quite breezy and completely overcast/very hazy.

It had better brighten up to justify my wardrobe choice

Saw Limmy last night. He was surprisingly down to Earth and VERY funny.

Was also absolutely fucking boiling in the venue though. So gross.

Might go to the beach today.

saw this on my cycle to work today :heart:



I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet but it’s too damn warm.

Morning all.

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Day off. Watching the Lions then heading out on the bike

Just made myself a coffee, opened the food waste bin to throw the remains of my daughter’s breakfast away, then very meticulously scraped Frosties into my coffee.



morning all,

feeling a damn sight fresher today than i did yesterday.
got a couple of meetings and might be taking a ‘client’ out for lunch later after a site visit.

My coffee is tasting really fucking good as well.


Morning. Trawling through the Oasis online sale as I’ve just been paid for the contract I did in Switzerland. Quite pleased about it being mild enough outside to have a cup of tea.

Should probably do a bit of work at some point.

Oh piss off.

Got a colleague from another site up here for the rest of the week - I knew that much. What I didn’t realise was that she’s sitting on my shoulder today and tomorrow.

Same again with another one next week.

Feeling a bit less terrible than yesterday - hoping to smash today into next week :muscle:

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Need to get some stuff sorted for moving.

You dressing for the sun-shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa? I’m very sorry.


coaltalk? mumsnet?


Going to drive to Fort William today, if I can ever bring myself to get out of bed.