Tuesday Is My Look

Morning all!

Quite enjoying Miley Cyrus channelling Lars Ulrich in the early 80s here.

Describe your look today.

Currently, I’m sporting Off Duty Grayson Perry but I intend to upgrade into Friends Era Matthew Perry later.

I’m horse-trading for Higher English grades this morning which will likely be an ordeal.


No clothes on yet. Will switch into a T-shirt and trousers soon

Dad look.

Shit hair
Khaki green t-shirt
Pink chino shorts


Today I am sporting some light orange Tokyo Laundry sweatshorts, a purple American Apparel t-shirt that is so soft that I must have missed wearing it before* and a pair of Mahabis.

Apologies for anyone who now has a case of the vapours.

*and they have been shut a fair old time

Thus far this morning I am wearing one of my favourite pairs of jama legs (M&S) and an old Remain campaign t-shirt I wear for sleeping that I’ve altered to say ‘I’m In Bed’. Later there will be jeans and probably a light sweater, as I do at this time of year.

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T-shirt, shorts, no socks, slippers. I think I’d describe my look as ‘smouldering’


Wearing a coat made of sadness and an exhaustion hat.

Grey t-shirt (will be swapped for my work shirt when I get there), navy blue shorts as always, couldn’t find my dinosaur boxers so it’s just stripes today, red and blue socks.

Morning meeting though


eating a banana god this is awful


maximum respect to @Bamnan, who does this every day


‘Putting the ass in potassium’, that could be a thing people say.


I, for one, welcome our new berry overlords.


Currently rocking the Hugh Hefner
(Dressing gown with towel round neck)

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I am wearing an IRONED SHIRT as I’ll be delivering some virtual training today.

Plus football shorts, obviously


Take my head and open it up with an uncurled paper clip, scoop the soft stuff out on the underside of yesterday’s papers and replace the goo with air fresheners and lint


Blue MAMBO t-shirt
Blue baggy jeans
Blue Etnies
2001 Mexican Fender Precision with replacement pearloid pick guard


Greeny-grey Campagnolo bike wanker t-shirt which is covered by a charcoal Next hoodie, old blue Converse which aren’t comfy at all but are the only shoes I have in work at the moment (apart from the bike shoes I had for riding in). Also wearing my usual glasses (Ray-Ban). Very uninteresting but it is current office wear.

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Jeans shorts, tee shirt and hoody, along with some white trainers I bought earlier this year which I hesitated about buying because white trainers look rubbish as soon as you go outside in them. Turns out this year was the best time to buy white trainers :grimacing:


Wearing dressing gown + PJs

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I’m wearing joggers with holes in. The other day I put on jeans and my daughter said I was ‘so fancy’


In ancient t-shirt and aged pj trousers.

Hair is greasy and brushed back it makes me look like a minor member of a forgotten 90s indie band. So I guess that is my look until I get it washed.

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