Tuesday Is My Look

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning @keith, good morning Rich, Balonz, Shiggsy, CCB, Kermy, Funky, Shrewbie, Matt, Aggpass, Ruffers, Epimer, Ronnie, Rob, Sulawesi, Flashy, Hoogy, good morning DiS! Many happy returns to Andrea Pirlo and Robert Kilroy-Silk, happy anniversary to Rosenborg BK football club, and salutations to those among us celebrating Kyrgyzstani Mothers’ Day.

Gonna put the gazebo up today, and clean the pond, strim the dog run, and ride round the woods. Dunno in what order.


“Teenager on holiday with parents in Mediterranean beach resort”

Light blue t-shirt
Sand coloured shorts
No socks
Sulking demeanour


I shaved my head yesterday, so I think my look is probably ‘Fat Jason Statham in pajamas.’


just reading the all staff voluntary severance email. How much would you need to voluntarily sever?

  • few thousand mate!
  • 10k
  • 10-20k
  • 21-30k
  • 31-45k
  • 50-100k
  • More

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been here 10+ years, 2 grand a year.

Spent the morning so far playing Mario Kart Wii, good use of a morning. About to get ready to exercise, yesterday’s workout destroyed me completely so let’s see if I can build from that low, low base.

I’ve worked here two weeks and I’d get an identical job within days so not much

thanks man :innocent:

I mostly get left alone and sometimes appear like a shining beacon of competence for doing the bare minimum due to so many colleagues being absolute liabilities, and can you really put a price on that kind of effort:reward ratio?


friend of mine applied last time. HR lost the paperwork, finally found it and then told him that the deadline had passed for this year :rofl:

Meant to abandon soz

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Look update - now wearing blue shorts in preparation for exercise

Oh my look, shaved beard off but left moustache.
Bright orange T-shirt I got free at a work conference
Brown cords with flour all over them from baking on Sunday

So, not good.

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Taking pictures for social media but never leaving the apartment?


Morning all!

I am currently wearing an ancient white waffle dressing gown that dates from our wedding. Waffle shrinks anyway and with its and it’s even tinier - it looks like I’m dressed for hiding in my lover’s closet when their husband comes home in a seventies sitcom.

Also my back is extremely painful today. I’m waiting for ibuprofen to do its thing

I’ve put some socks on.

They are orange.

Can’t remember the last time I wore underwear.

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My look is a t-shirt with noodles on it and a duvet

Woke up in the small hours with a sore throat and a temp so taken the day off to drink a lot of honey and lemon tea

Hello :wave:

My look is: hair tied up, no makeup, green, white and black striped jumper, tartan pyjama trousers. No socks.

Honestly not doing too well the last few days, really tempted to hide in bed all day. I hate my brain. Someone take it please.