Tuesday is the day it is today

This morning, with world weariness way beyond his four and a half years, R declared “I’m tired of being a human”

Sums up my sentiments tbh. Though he wants to be some sort of sea creature, I’m less sure about that myself. Would probably go cat so one of the tired humans can look after me.

How are you today and what would you be instead if you are tired of being a human?


Ahh a wonderful creative soul you are raising.x


Morning @anon89873996 @stickboy and all who post underneath here.

It’s a good question. My first thought is that I’d quite like to be a pelican. Hang out all day in the warm sunshine, have a kickass mouth/beak and scoop up some fish when I’m peckish. Seems like a nice life.

All is fine here, albeit a carbon copy of every other WFH day. There is more daylight today than yesterday:

  • 2m08s in London
  • 2m40s in Edinburgh
  • 2m16s in King’s Lynn.

Also, if Octonauts is anything to go by (I’ve seen a lot of Octonauts recently) you’ll have the voice of a grizzled old sea captain too!


Well, no change there, then :pirate_flag:

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It’s raining. If it clears up later I’ll go for more than 7 miles from my home :scream: bike ride.

For now: coffee, Zelda.

A new emoji has appeared on my keyboard :no_mouth:‍:fog:

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Very bleary eyed this morning. It’s raining, but what does that matter when you don’t ever leave the house?

As for being another animal I’d love to be a bird. How cool would it be to fly?

Funky Friday but feeling very far from :partying_face:

Morning everybody. I think I’d like to be an octopus

Damn cat woke me up at 5:30

Actually in the office today at 8:00 and have been super productive for 1 hour

Feel like that’s me done for the day though

Here’s what my walk to work looked like


Good morning. I think I’d like to be a being of pure energy with no corporeal form.


Yeah FL I’d be a cat. Not sure if I’d want to be indoors or outdoors though.

My young, furry friend is in a very bitey mood this morning but has grown tired of biting my hand. God knows what she’ll go for now.

Otherwise work is sure to be another day of pure hell which I don’t look forward to.

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I am slightly freaked out, instead of 3 or 4 hours of convincing M to turn off her tablet amd get dressed she woke up and asked to get up,get dressed and play. She’s been singing songs about butterflies instead of her usual angsty stuff, has been VERY polite and when I brought breakfast in she covered me with a blanket, arranged my cushions and had gotten dressed and her folded her pyjamas and put them away.

Is she going to murder me later?


Oh nevermind, she just started singing “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, coming after you”

Strange sinister child returns.


:smiley: to what tune? I’m imagining it to the tune of Robin Hood


We have the toddler’s door open a bit as the cat will scratch at the door if it’s closed but her new trick is to then close the door when she gets in there and scratches from that side waking the whole house up. 6am today.

Need to prop that door open in a cat proof way.

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That song about fingers, Peter pointer where are you or whatever its called.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Elephant, obviously:

  • vegetarian
  • live for 80 years
  • teeth on the outside of your face!
  • 5 inch eyelashes
  • rubbing trunks instead of shaking hands
  • closest living relative is the hyrax (big improvement on that racist uncle)
  • your poo is on display in major modern art museums

What’s not to like?