Tuesday is the day it is today

I’m mainly blaming the cat tbh. Would have been fine with an extra hour in bed

Why’ve you made it in a bucket?

I’ll make you in a bucket in a minute!!

Somebody that isn’t me make the evening thread immediately.

Hey I can’t really do this post proper justice, but I do know that the equalities act requires schools to make reasonable adjustments in the case of disability - and aside from it being basic good practice, it’s something they’re required to do. We went through this with my eldest’s school (albeit never to the point of exclusion). Anyhow, if I can be of any use then DM me if you like - in any case, you have my solidarity x


This makes me very happy

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Given that their idea of an adjustment is only having him in for an hour and a half a day I don’t reckon I’m going to get very far with the school themselves.

Thanks, I may well DM you later when I’m bot hiding under a duvet waiting for R to sleep!