Tuesday is upon us

M just turned to me and said “mummy, I like your squishy old boobs”. Well then.

Any exciting things happening today?


Morning! Can’t decide whether to get up yet or not

I had some Hokkaido cheese tarts today from the chain in Melbourne. Fucking great.

Apparently you can get them in London


For fans of cheesecakes.

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Woken up with a stinking cold and a throat so sore that I don’t think my voice is going to last until lunch. Good thing I’m not hosting a bunch of big cheeses at work all day today and tomorrow then isn’t it.


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Morning. Just exploring Kandy today

And had my first decent coffee for a couple of weeks which was amazing


sorry I probably passed that on to you in the mouse mat thread :frowning:

ffs Bam

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Walking in to work.
Going to Preston for :beers: and :soccer:
Still tired from being up past 10pm yesterday :sleeping: melt banana were great though :slight_smile:

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dunno, I also have a sore throat ad haven’t been near a mouse mat thread in years.

At a music course all day, well half 9 to half 3…better be lunch :smiley:


Binge? Only the end :frowning:

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it’s cold isn’t it

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Morning all. Wfh so plan to go back to sleep for an hour and a half :sleeping:

Not under the covers

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I agree with M

Today is one of those days where I feel like I need a day off to catch up with myself so I’m going to mainly wfh but I have to go in to the office for an 11 o’clock and will probably end up getting sucked in to some problem or other and end up staying late again.

I’m pretty skint - and therefore stressed - 3 days from payday. I’ll be well relieved/pleased when my first monthly salary at my new rate lands on Friday.

Definitely need a couple of semi self-care days in the meantime

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Day off today, so ofc kiddo wakes up at 4.30. brilliant stuff m9. Might have pizza for lunch (bit decadent) or at least treat myself to a coffee.



There’s always one isn’t there

God bloody dammit

wondering if I can get away with bare legs for my ride in, hmmm

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Noooo don’t do it you’ll only shiver xx

My t shirt has that horrible musty smell after being washed, ruined my day

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