Tuesday, isn't it?

Just booked today off because I really, really can’t be arsed.

No further plans.



Hey Eps. That sounds delightful, I’m deeply jealous.

Another crappy day at work to come but it is the first Eurovision semi final tonight so I’ll keep focused on that

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Sitting in hospital waiting for Mrs Z to come out of surgery. Watched GoT for the second time on HBO, now channel hopping between Tawain’s movie channels. Jack Reacher 2 seems to be the best of the bunch at the moment.

Hope everything goes ok pal :crossed_fingers:


It’ll be fine, I’m sure… Just a waiting game.

Cheers FunkyHouse.

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No work today and no plans really. Might go for a drive somewhere, it looks like it’s going to be a lovely day.

Morning eps. About to go to the gym then heading to my new office which I think will be hotter than the sun today. 21 degrees!

Excerpts from the new Jeremy Corbyn autobiography out now.


Morning. I have completely fucked up my neck and can’t really do anything other then look forward and down. Going to WFH and try to find an angle with my keyboard and screen that isn’t causing quite intense pain. :+1:

Just romancing myself with some lovely music on the way to work, and pretending I’m in a film.

Will continue the fantasy in the office and pretend I’m in a successful business woman 80s montage like Melanie Griffin.


Memories of school day slacking on the train, there’s some kid rushing to do his art homework with a huge sketch pad on here


Send Mrs Z love from me and the kids when you see her. Much love to you both xx


I dreamt I weed on a statue in protest but all the wee went completely over my legs. Found a hot tub in a garden centre and sat in it which was apparently fine with everyone. Loads of coins in it cause people were treating it like a fountain. A shame that’s not real cause that’d be a nice story.


Headed into work to see if the online Cloud systems are functioning properly, if not, day four without being able to achieve anything much.

Nothing else planned, could probably use an early night.

Not going to be able to watch Game of Thrones until tomorrow night at the earliest, and getting increasingly anxious / irked at the spiralling post count in that thread. What can it mean?

Not working today, the sun is shining and I’m going to watch England v Pakistan with a friend I haven’t seen for ages, so all good here.

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Morning Eps, all,

Woke up with a song in my head that I’d written to soundtrack the end of some bizarre dream sequence I’d just awoken from. I can’t remember what was really going on, but at the end someone was trying to run an interview on something and she told me the notes were in her coat pocket but they weren’t they’d been thrown under the bed. I went under there to get them and there was a small teddy bear shaped mug. An old man came and sat down cross legged next to the bed, took the mug, and poured the contents of the mug on his trousers as if to simulate having wet himself and be began to cry. I was woken up to the sound of my wife asking me where I’d through her pants last night, and had the aforementioned song in my head.

Been at work an hour, mostly just chuckling about how argumentative people can get about fantasy television shows. Decided to wear a t-shirt today as the idea of wearing a smart shirt offended me. I forgot that I’m meant to be at some presentation this morning. Will probably hide in the corner.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.

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:grimacing: this happens to me once or twice a year. Find ibuprofen normally helps.

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WFH as we have a health visitor coming this morning to make sure we’re ok to be parents. Should probably tidy up a bit…

*thrown :kissing_heart:

Morning all.

First day back after a week and a bit off. Dread levels: critical. I dreamt I was working with a cast of people from every job I’ve ever had and I was terrible at my job and everyone knew it.

I also dreamt I was recording a jazz album with American character actor Fred Melamed but I couldn’t sing properly because I had a cold. He was really upset. I really did not enjoy disappointing American character actor Fred Melamed.

That’s all the tedious dream chat I have for the moment. Hope you’re all well.

Edit: that’s right: it is vital that you, McGarnagle, read this information. I definitely intended to reply to you specifically.