Tuesday, isn't it?

You should have seen how I spelt, “coat”, the first time. :man_shrugging:

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Had a sex dream about one of my colleagues!

12 hour shift ahead of me WOOOOOO

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Hi team. Got a few chorse to do before an afternoon WFH. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Weather is a joke so I will likely take the call on the deck in the sunshine.

Not booked the day off… Like an absolute mug.


Message received and understood.

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I’m smashing the ibuprofen right now.

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I’m writing something for my friend’s zine and it’s about something that makes me cross so I’m struggling to get through it. Any ideas of how I can get this out without smashing my laptop up?

Apparently the chap who sits opposite me hasn’t shown his face in the office for over 2 weeks. This is hugely aspirational to me.


Still in oxford, looking at more bits of land today. 20 degrees apparently!

Booked breakfast with my room cos this Travelodge is near nothing, it was as mediocre as you’d expect. Also half the machines seemed broken.


Might end up finishing by lunchtime, train home isn’t until 5pm :no_mouth:

Will do. She’s in recovery at the moment. Seems to be doing okay :slight_smile:


Draft it by hand first? Might release the angst and help you when you come to type it up…


It’s a gorgeous day which always makes me feel better about getting up and about. Hopefully a quiet day, busy day tomorrow so need to save my energy. Going to a friend’s tonight to watch the first Eurovision semi.

Save it for Thursday.


Invited that didn’t i

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Morning all!

Baby Ballet this morning, followed by lots of running around in the garden. Hopefully The Child will join in too.

I’m on strike Wednesday and Thursday so my next working day is Friday, when I don’t need to teach any classes. It sounds lovely but it’s that time of the year when I could really do with the class time.

Someone in my organisation that I’ve never met mistakenly emailed me about going for a run at lunchtime. How other people live, eh?


Really not feeling today


Waiting in for patio table and chairs to be delivered.

Having a Beebeecue later.

So goddamn roasty today. Deifnitely planning to “WFH” tomorrow