Tuesday isn't it?

Alright? Didn’t sleep well again and still worn out from a long day yesterday. Got a 4.5 hour drive home in a bit but might raid the fridge for a nice breakfast first. What’s going on today?

I’m off today to spend time with my nephew. Still got a couple of meetings ill go to.

My brother has bought him a Liverpool kit though :face_vomiting:

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Heading to the office. Cannot be fucked


Day 3 of positive testing. Swear those pipette things are harder to get the solution out of than they used to be. Feeling surprisingly ok. Still achy, but a dull ache, still got a headache and bunged up/coughing, but the lightheadedness and shivers have gone (hopefully never to return).

So today I’ll be washing up, tidying up, watching Glastonbury sets on iPlayer and maybe some Wimbledon action.

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Very tired. Very cba. M will not stop narrating the most tedious things “mummy then i saw a badge in the blue crate and i remembered it and then i picked it up and got it out of the blue crate because i remembered it, do you remember it?” Good grief, shut up.

Don’t want to get up.


My eye is fucked up. Think maybe got something in it yesterday (hopefully not as was cleaning out garden bit where cats shit) but they’ve been itchy for a while.
Now right eye is closed up and red, look like I’ve got a shiner.


Quite windy out there and my calves are achey but going for a bike. I’ll see how the pegs feel when I get going, might just end up pootling into town for a coffee rather than what I’ve planned.

May treat myself to a bath this afternoon.

Think some boxes just have dud ones, have had a few where its been like that.

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Fuck seagulls. Especially fuck seagulls at this time of year when people have their windows open but seagulls think that 4am is a reasonable time for their high volume prehistoric screeching.

Anyway, I had a terrible nights sleep. No idea why.


Morning all!

It’s going to rain here all day apparently. I’m going for a haircut and then coming home to do some writing.

Just watched Jack Grealish’s insta story and he was watching tennis and really cracked myself up imagining him watching it like a dog would, in silence, head just going from side to side following the ball


Had this from a wren in the hedge opposite our old house last summer. Little gobshite.

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“Is it affecting your vision?”
Yeah, one of my eyes is fucked up, that’s affecting like 50% of my vision!

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Gonna eat some shreddies

Wait - people eat shreddies voluntarily?

Not got a lot of get-up-and-go today, gang

Very sloth energy

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Best breakfast cereal by a mile.


Pretty hungover ngl

Some girl started talking to me last night and was all “hi safebruv I’ve never met you but I went to uni with your wife and it was so nice how she always talked about you and how happy you were together but I’ve not heard from her for a couple of years how is she getting on”
Which actually really shook me and I don’t know why so I just said “we split up last year” and walked off and jumped in a taxi home.
Wonderful end to the night

If you like eating cardboard!