Tuesday Isolation Thread

They’re tough to find these days

I had a worryingly vivid image of you prizing one from the heavily stylised claw of a recently slain member of a rival apocalypse gang and saying “this one’s for manches” while the sun rises behind you and, for some reason, a moody guitar line plays


I live in an insanely populated area - I’ve seen about 100 people in 10 minutes

The orange bourneville is very good.

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Period pains :frowning:

Not out of the question!

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as in



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Ah that’s annoying, sorry laelfs!

We took The Child out on her bike round the meadow.

We saw around seven people and four dogs - all in groups of two so we didn’t have to alert the authorities.

England Prevails!

ha, weird i was walking jackson there at approx 3pm. :slight_smile:

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Wait, you’re in England? Are you sure you’re going to get back in?


Sorry - that’s a nerdy reference you might not care about…

In V For Vendetta, after the totalitarian government siezes power to protect the nation from a threat, “England Prevails” is the standard end of a conversation.

I’m still in Glasgow and will remain here for the foreseeable future.

Noooo I was there about 3pm

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10 indie points, well done

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we didn’t walk by the waterfalls (which is extremely rare). was with my heavily pregnant sis. will no doubt be back soon. will give you a heads up. :+1:

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Sister has had confirmation they are on 12 week isolation, nephew definately can’t go out. And really only one person should go out for shopping but as rarely as possible.

So two nephews and my niece are couped up for the foreseeable and my brother in law and sister can’t work.