Tuesday, just another day

Morning campers

How are you?

It’s my last day on holiday :cry: cba with travelling back. Had a great last night with lots of shisha and good food.

Gonna try and get my haircut before I leave, hope they thread my eyebrows


Do it. Live life on the edge.

Morning. Today is rich-t’s daddy daycare day. Heading into town for a coffee and may go to the park. Exciting

Don’t make me get out of bed

Who cba at all today? :raising_hand_woman:t4: :raising_hand_man:t4:
:raising_hand_woman:t4: :raising_hand_man:t4:


No matter what fucking time I set my alarm for I can’t help but stay in bed until 07.30.

Last day of my week. Got loads of work to do and I really really cba but then two days off so just got to wind the clock down til 5.30. Really cba.

waiting for yodel. who knows what time it’ll be here. are yodel the worst delivery company? possibly


Morning DISsers,

@kermitwormit was in a dream of mine last night, we were eating some food at an undisclosed location.

Off to the beach, my day is gonna look very much like this:
Top Gun High Five - YouTube

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My cba levels are at their peak.

Does anyone find it especially difficult to motivate themselves after a really busy, intense period of work? I was flat-out at work between maybe September and the end of March - it’s quieter now and I’m really struggling with a lot of less urgent (but still important) work. Maybe the education system has set my brain up like this - cramming towards deadlines and coasting in the weeks afterwards.


Nah Hermes are.


oh yeah, forgot about them.

giving it all “download our app and track your parcel!”

and it just says “expected today”. great. cheers.


Pikatuesday, I Tuesday you


have we reached pikatuesday


Tuesday breakfast meeting. Taken 3 seconds before she sneezed in my face and ran off


Seeing Eighth Grade later :+1:


Happy Purrthday Emile! :tada::kissing_cat:


Complained about this enough at the time but I had a package with them a few weeks ago that they kept saying “it’ll be delivered on [whatever day]” but then it wouldn’t actually go in the van and I wouldn’t get any more updates.

Yodel then told the sender company it had “gotten lost”, and they were about to send me out a replacement when it just randomly showed up.

The worst the worst the woooorrrrrstttt

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Today is my Wednesday, but instead of feeling relieved at the short week I’m feeling really anxious about getting all my work done because my brain is superb :upside_down_face: