Tuesday, just another day

i can’t figure out if i should go to work or wait for it at home

obvs not going to work lol

Hey squad. Supposed to hear about that job I want that I’m now convinced I’m not getting today. Ah well.

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First day back at work.

Have good days dissers!

Crossing fingers for you


Good luck tilty!

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Very much this. I get really focused and intense for a while, then can have months where I can’t focus and procrastinate all the time. I have come to accept it over the years.

When I’m in the cba phase it can be stressful because I always think ‘what if it lasts forever this time’ but it never does. It’s just not very predictable.


Stressed. :weary:

Trying to hype myself up to quit work today. Probably do it after lunch :grimacing:

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I am indeed still a camper. Having a fucking shit time. Really want to book a holiday away by my bloody self after this

Morning all!

We’re going to baby ballet in a minute. The weather isn’t great so this afternoon might be an indoor event.

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Please tell us.

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Off to that London this afternoon, so happy I’ve remembered my book.

Dunno whether to train beer, feels a bit wrong this early in the working week.

Was gonna get in at 7, got in at 9, thought that’s OK I’ll power through some work. 0% completed.


Bleurghh, I’ve had a really manky coffee this morning- not sure what was up with it.

Anyway, I need to decide very quickly whether I am going to perth today or making perth come to me.
What is annoying is I am going to perth at the weekend, I really don’t want or need a preview.

Well you know what they say: practice makes Perthect


^ POTW locked down already, no point in anyone else even trying



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hi all :wave:

might have to go home soon. my head is killing, think i’m developing a migraine. i go blind in one eye when they’re really bad