Tuesday Later Than Late Thread

Evening. Looked after my nephew today which was fun. Got my haircut and finally found a hairdresser who’ll listen rather than just doing something random. Brother came over for a curry. Had three different types of pakora. Hockey on tv in a little bit. Good day, how about you?

Jesus Christ it’s a record.

can we get a full detailed run down of what you had please (you know the law)


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Sorry guys. Think mine was the last posted so should probably go…

You wait an hour and a half for an evening thread and then…

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This is going to take a while…

We got the family feast between four of us but it probably would’ve fed 6-7.

Mixed starter (veggie, mushroom and chicken pakora, chicken chaat)

Spiced mushrooms

Spiced onions


Chicken Korma

Chicken Chasni (a weird, illuminous Scottish curry that is patia mixed with cashews)

Lamb Karahi

Lamb Bhutan


Garlic naan, peshwari naan

Pineapple fritters (!!!)

This will feed us all for lunch and dinner tomorrow too


Went to Usha’s last week, dead good Aubergine pakora.

Anyway I’m away to read :wave:

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Are you reading underworld, the film about vampires? I hope you are.

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You should post you post again in here…

Yeah I started it straight off the back of White Noise. It’s very good. I was getting along quite quickly with it then had to start studying for an exam so feels like I’ve been reading it ages… trying to get it finished in the next day or so.

I’m really, really bad at consoling people after break-ups. just say stuff like ‘yeah, probably for the best’, which obviously isn’t what people want to hear.


Working most of the evening, as is the TV. We’re such a glum pair at the moment.

Shit there’s a bit where theyre talking about what someone looks like and they can’t work it out and later on he just rings him up in the middle of the night and says ‘he looks like…’ and I cant remember what it is but I was pissing myself.

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I don’t think so… unless theyre all vampires all along :thinking:

christ that sounds amazing

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Sooo, first night in the flat by myself feels a bit weird. Bit of a sad day. Think my flatmate liked the leaving presents we got him.

Had l.mac sausages,waffles and beans for am easy tea.

Sent a really boring email to my solicitor.

Rang my sister (she’s pregnant :pregnant_woman: :pregnant_woman:) and she might come up to take the niece to Disney on Ice which would be fun.

Gonna read Underworld.

Edit: soz crap phone.

General summary of today: :-1:

I really can’t do toddler parenting, I just end up getting frustrated and angry and take it out on R by being shouty and short with him :frowning:

Also, my ex is cancelling one of his days to see R this week again because he doesn’t have enough money for the bus. Last time I lent him money (which he did pay back), but I feel that I really shouldn’t keep doing that. The idea of losing a day of rest is not pleasant though.

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