Tuesday Later Than Late Thread

General summary of today: :-1:

I really can’t do toddler parenting, I just end up getting frustrated and angry and take it out on R by being shouty and short with him :frowning:

Also, my ex is cancelling one of his days to see R this week again because he doesn’t have enough money for the bus. Last time I lent him money (which he did pay back), but I feel that I really shouldn’t keep doing that. The idea of losing a day of rest is not pleasant though.

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Come round there’s half of it left. Can you believe it only came to £32?

Just had some dinner and now trying to decide what to watch on tv.
Maybe I should stick on a film :thinking:
Think I might have a cookie beforehand.

reckon you could mail me over a pakora and a small box of korma plz

Ah Dis just swallowed a long post but the basic gist of it was from what I see here you do a fantastic job and I don’t know how much the bus is but it sounds like it would be worth it for your own well-being.


Gone for Parts Unknown :+1:

Anything for you on your feliz cum day :heart:

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That sounds so hard :frowning:

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Went to a fast food type place today and I got irn bru in a paper cup dispenser job and the southern English guy at work asked ‘what’s that? it’s a strange colour’


Went training and sweat buckets. Went to the pub with my training m9s and had 1&1/2 pint Urquell pils, 1pint Fresh lime and soda with a tonne of ice, 1 pint water.

waiting for the gf to get home, she’s bringing some spaghetti (cacio e pepe + carbonara)

Need to revise laterrrrr :(((((((


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You know what I was saying about colour schemes last night? This was the window of debhenams today, yep, grey, mustard and teal is all you’re allowed now.

Think one of the burdens of the deed was that I can’t use those colours sorry.

Packing up a load of clothes that are going to the charity shop. Have to go and collect an amp, drop it to our practice space and then we’ve to clear a load of rubbish bags out of the space.

Weird to think this is one of my last nights in this house. I’ve lived here for five and a half years, which were some of the best times of my life. I’m looking forward to moving in with my GF but it’ll be a huge change.


Was meant to be meeting a mate at the pub tonight, I just texted him and it turns out that he’s already out drinking with someone else :man_shrugging:

I was up crazy early today though so I’ll just have an early night instead.

Happy birthday @profk man! Missed it earlier! Top, top bloke!


just go and sit near them and maintain constant eye contact with your mate without saying a word.

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Alright guys.

Had a great day tbh. McDonald’s breakfast (double sausage and egg mcmuffin, 2 x hash browns, cuppa tea and and orange juice), a mooch round Southampton trying baby carriers and buying baby clothes, wahaca for lunch, a dash across to Portsmouth for more mooching around shops, then a walk on the seafront with an ice cream (bumped into an atd which was nice).

Just had a halloumi salad and now got a G&T