Tuesday l'evening


alright? not sure what to do now that masterchef has finished. prob watch the tv play the witcher all evening.

what’s for tea? AOB?


I’m waiting for a girl off bumble to phone me like some kind of weird telephone job interview


:smiley: gl man


Got a game of football at 9:15. Crock o’ shit


To be honest her preference for doing it this way is a black mark against her. I don’t like talking on the phone.


same :grimacing:


Alright Eric.

Found out, as per the day thread, I’ll be managing A LOT of staff for the foreseeable future. This has pissed me off no end.

Having baked spuds for tea and going to bed early


Hiya! Have my 4.5 year old niece staying over (yeah, I babysit a lot). She was so sleepy she actually wanted to go to bed at 7. So I’m watching Bob’s Burgers and gonna reheat some leftover curry in a bit. And have an early night obvs, as will be woken up somewhat earlier than usual tomorrow…


About to fly home from ammydam.



off to ride my bike isn’t it


Burger and chips for tea. I really like the Linda McC pulled “pork” burgers.


Me and my bf both had very stressful days so probably just buy an oven pizza and beer


Evening all, hope yiz are good. Pizza, watching Fargo, probably go to bed really early (probably won’t)


Evening all.

Pizza for dinner, then going to see Hinds at Gorilla. My excitement is fighting my tiredness. I just watched a video of the support act and am quite comfortable now in my decision to sack them off.


3 posts on the spin, we’re becoming some sort of cult…


I, too, shall be eating a pizza this evening


And I took the niece out for pizza earlier.


Table for 1 the forge Ipswich


My manager sprung an urgent deadline on me so I missed lunch and feel too weak to see tigers jaw


I mean I like pizza but I’m not sure I’d take it as a bounty for killing a family member