Tuesday (lmao it's Monday really... April Fools!!!!!)


April fools!

Are we logging hilarious April Fools news stories here or does it warrant a separate thread?

Bit early isn’t it?

Separate thread I reckon

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Why are beds so warm and non-beds so unwarm?


Hello! Got more counting to do today, which should be the end of it, then I start on the 60 or so pages of adding up that need doing cause my colleagues are all lazy*. Might get a quill and a little candlestick to illustrate how fucking antiquated their system is.

Still persisting with shorts to work for one more day before it goes stormy. Might regret it I think. Need to try and find a gym or squash league to join later to shift all the weight I’ve gained recently. Hope you all have bearable Mondays.

*I quite want a day in the office away from everybody so I offered to do it all.

Might take up cycling

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I’m planning to take down cycling, so watch out


i like april fools day and enjoy the crap fake stories newspapers put out

so there

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Got the window open and the cockerel woke me up. Nothing strange about that but I’ve been listening more closely and I’ve worked out there’s three roosters. Can’t be bothered going into it but it’s three roosters each in separate houses.

I’ve used rooster and cockerel there. I don’t know why.



Couple being couply on the train

Mate we’re trying to be bleakened commuters here

I’ll get into it one day don’t worry. X

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This is a joke, isn’t it?

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time travel effects

  • discombobulated
  • absolutely fine
  • yesterday bad. today fine.
  • what’s this about clocks?

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Still in bed.