Tuesday Lunch - feat Pepsi Max Raspberry

I’ve got some pasta/sausage thing I made yesterday and just bought a bottle of" New Raspberry Flavour Pepsi Max Raspberry" to try. It’s pretty good actually.



I like that new rap song about Pepsi Max with Raspberry from the Pepsi Max with Raspberry advert.

Kindly take this to the “Adverts - feat Pepsi Max Raspberry” thread Ant. This thread is for lunch discussions.

I’ve got Tesco misery meal deal, BUT I did buy 3 easter eggs for 75p each so dessert is gonna be :fire:


Did you know that I call Pepsi Max “Maximum Pepsi”, Colin?


I did not.

Which options did you go for with your meal deal and easter eggs?

I’m probably meeting my Sister for lunch.

My work’s lunch chat group is currently overflowing with incredulity about someone proposing at 12:10 lunch.

Got today off so I’m going to wander down to Monty’s deli in a bit and get a huge Reuben sando

So excited.

Pulled beef and red leicester(?), sweet & salty popcorn, diet coke. Easter eggs are small Cadbury buttons ones (I will only have one, if that. Other two are gifts)

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I’d be interested in your thoughts on that sandwich… I’ve seen it many times with intrigue, but haven’t been willing to risk trying those two things together in a cold sandwich.

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Do you know if the pepsi max adverts use, or have ever used, the tagline “Take it to the max” or did I create that. Because if they don’t they should

I’m pretty gutted. My team are all going for nandos and I can’t go because I have my PT at 1. I’ll be having a protein shake and a sandwich for lunch at 2.

Take it to the “Adverts - feat Pepsi Max Raspberry” thread.


Oooft. Ask them to bring takeaway back with them?

He drank a raspberry Pepsi
The kind you find in any kind of convenience store
Raspberry Pepsi
Made a thread about it on the social board


Got some deli stuff

*delicious stuff


They’ve just left, I didn’t think of that! Might text my trainee.

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Actually that won’t work as I’m not going to be back till about 2.15 and they’ll be back for 1.30. Nobody wants cold nandos. Hmmm, do I want cold nandos?

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