Tuesday Lunch - feat Pepsi Max Raspberry

I’m finally reassured that despite the lack of typos, you are in fact still you.


I went out and picked a load of wild garlic yesterday. I’ve just turned it into wild garlic and hazelnut pesto, and had it with gnocchi. It was ridiculously good. The week has peaked early.

I’m at home with The Child who ate at 11.15.

I had toast and jam because I’ve got no sandwich fillings and couldn’t be bothered heating soup. Followed with a mango yogurt and a Tesco own mini Aero bar.

It was uninspiring.

I had a 20-minute chilli which is nice but not as nice as the other recipe I tried a few weeks ago. You can’t really see it under the toppings but here you go


Veggie lasagne and potatoes - starving so needed extra carbs. Other options looked “nicer” but too damn hungry for them


Yesterday’s leftover chili and rice.
Then an earl grey with 3 ginger nuts.

2 x cheese sandwiches. :metal:

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I tried that Pepsi Max Raspberry the other week and concluded that it’s no Pepsi Max Cherry.

For lunch I had an East Anglian baked potato with - you guessed it! - beans and sweetcorn only.

Aero are Nestle right? Basically the only choc that I break my boycott for.

How was the knockoff version?

Oh boy
I’ll get the CDC on speed dial

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It was a block of chocolate with bubbles through it.

Considerably denser that I remember Aero being, but that’s no bad thing.

Would multipack again.

Last week of having my own office for the foreseeable, got to make the most of it.

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South Indian Tomato Rasam with extra coriander and a piece of flatbread on the side.

And a cucumber, spinach, lime and matcha tea cold pressed energy drink. For free, obviously.

Drink could go either way but I’m dubious

It looks disgusting but tastes fine. Checking the ingredients and it is 75% apple juice. They don’t tell you that on the front of the bottle, obviously.

I thought you were talking about my Raspberry Pepsi Max for a moment - even checked the bottle. I’m happy to confirm there is no Apple Juice at all in it.

It was better than I expected. Very sweet because there’s onion chutney. Although I feel the mayo was unnecessary. 2.5/5

How many raspberries though?

None :+1:

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apples aren’t even 75% apple juice

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