Tuesday Lunch Thread of Lunch


What’s on your plate/desk/other serving implement of choice team?

I’m probably going with corned beef & branston on toast, but not yet 100% decided. Will serve on the bread board to avoid washing up a plate later.


got an enormous salad on the go

to be followed up with an amazing-looking raspberry tart


1 x cheese and coleslaw sanga
1 x s&v mccoys
1 x bananananana
1 x peanut butter kitkat
1 x :sleeping:


I don’t know. I may get a big salad or I may get a falafel wrap from Leon or I may get meatless meatballs again.


Falafel wrap sounds good to me Meo, although I’ve never tried Leon’s version.


You’re never going to guess.


It’s good but it has some kind of sweet cranberry sauce or jam in

I dig it tho


East Anglian Jacket Potato with beans?


Ooooooooo this might have to go to the video referee. It was an East Anglian jacket potato with tuna mayo and a side of green beans.


:crossed_fingers: :grimacing:


Ham roll and some Doritos as going out for tea tonight.


Original or chilli?


Bought two packs from the local shop, cheese and chilli so will do a bit of mixing.


You’re out of control.




quinoa with chick pea, kale, vegetable thingy

and a slice of pandan cake


Went to see what they had in the canteen and it was shit looking overpriced “BBQ”



Had no idea this would be so controversial!


let’s not even mention that you didn’t even buy the best flavour


I am also reading a book for my lunch