Tuesday Lunch Thread

My canteen is experimenting with steamed buns today. Tastes ok

What have you got?

Bonus likes for anyone who posts a picture of their lunch

You call them steamed buns even though they have obviously been grilled?


Pastrami and (homemade) coleslaw in a (homemade) baguette.

EDIT : the mayonnaise that the coleslaw was dressed in? Also homemade.

Every item on the packed lunch menu had milk in it, so Tezbots sandwich and popcorn.

Still stuffed from last night tbqh but might grab a lil summin summin

The buns are the best bit tbh. Don’t think they’ve been grilled.

Tell us what you had last night instead

Tofu in tamarind sauce, and a tofu mixed veg green curry, and some egg fried rice
Couple of spring rolls
Chocolate cake my flatmates brought in :’)
Two bottles of wine and a few diazepams


I should add the final line was not on the menu

had some farfalle action man bow tie pasta with tomato and nduja sausage from the pasta shop over the road. was really nice, literally just finished otherwise i’d have totally taken a photo of it, love them bonus likes.

Gyōza (ooh, look at that accent) from the gyōza place. Had a meeting near it and basically arranged my whole day around it. Actual 10/10 food.

2 x cheddar and cucumber sandwiches on Morrisons The Best™ thick-cut multi-seed loaf plus 1 (one) cup of tea (yorkshire). all gone, obvs

I’m back at work on my day off for a celebratory lunch at a restaurant where my fussy eating will make most things inedible



Chefs special, ordered with a wink

People are just ungrateful, it looks great.


Tried a halloumi frie - it was nice

Solid lunch

Tried the new halloumi fries the other day - its just grilled halloumi (still good, but I was expecting some spicy batter halloumi)

help me decide between these two exciting options

  • cornflakes
  • toast

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