Tuesday Lunch

I bought a small portion of leftover pasta in to have about 5pm before I go gym but obvs couldn’t wait so having that now.

Might get a soup too

what you having

If the canteen menu is correct, I’m having poached sustainable haddock served with poached egg and spinach cheese sauce optional.

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I’ve got a Naked Noodle. Singapore noodle flavour.

I also have £3.50 in my pocket which will allow me to purchase anything that takes my fancy in the canteen instead.

No idea. I want delicious food but I want to read my book.

east anglian haddock?

Fingers crossed.

Wholemeal wrap w/ smoked houmous, black olives, red pepper and mixed leaf salad. That’s what I’ve brought but some people are going out for lunch so might join them and eat that later.

Dunno. Salad? Might get soup and a sarnie?


Summer holiday classic Simpsons episodes being scheduled makes lunchtime a very hard time to be productive in, I’m finding.

Heinz big soup

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You should ask them for extra spinach cheese sauce.

Tomato and fennel soup, veggie “sausage”* roll on the side.

*it was potato, spinach and feta. Lovely. Need to stop the pastry habit though. It’s getting out of hand.

I have a yogurt, banana and apple for the rest of the day.

Is your pastry habit masking the Soreen withdrawals?

It’s dead sunny here. Might take the child to the beer garden and get West Brewery to feed me.

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You’ve reminded me: I cracked and bought a pack of those lil lunchbox loaves (banana) last week.

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had a wrap I made this morning with hummus, falafel, red pepper, salad, chili cheese.
also had a bit of some veggie shepherds pie leftover from tea last night

Nothing yet, I’m currently sat outside a gym procrastining. If I ever make it in I might go to yo sushi afterwards.


Three cheese toastie (brie, taleggio and ermesenda)