Tuesday Lunch

you called?


you reckon the east anglian fishing club is called East Anglin’

no need to answer.


Googling it to check got me something about Alcatraz, a World of Warcraft thing, and the Wikipedia page of a neo-Nazi website.

Tesco meal deal.

Feel a bit sick though because in the staffroom we were talking about not knowing languages when we go on holiday, I mentioned in Estonia when a guy confronted me about it, and my colleagues started hissing about “well why don’t they ever fucking speak English when they’re over here” and hearing “their jibber jabber” in Tesco. Urghhh. Horrible. I like my colleagues generally and didn’t realise they were full brexit types. Not even sure they know anything about Estonia tbqh.

beans on toast

has anyone opened an artisanal beans on toast food truck?

Panini and a san pelli limon

yeah, once.


saw a menu the other day advertising homemade baked beans w/chorizo. not sure what my point is.

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I heard @anon50098204’s dabbled.

get yr orders in by 10am and I promise to have them ready by Friday.


Fuck, I’ll need to wait till next week to get my fix now.

Just experienced perfection again.

Thank you, Birds.

A bowl of instant custard?

Would have been equally acceptable.

Had a bacon sandwich at home and an ice cream in the park.

And yet if you’d done that the other way around you’d be put on some kind of register. Curious.

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Homemade baked beans are excellent.

just seems a bit… effort

yeah definitely one of those foods that doesn’t seem worth doing yourself.