Tuesday lunchtime

  1. what are you going to eat this lunchtime?
  2. what would you much rather be eating instead?

I’m probably going to have some lentil and bacon soup with some fruit, but I really, really want some freshly baked cheese scones dripping in butter.

I think I’m going to Subway because there’s a post office next door, and I need the post office.

I would rather be eating spaghetti at the Mille Luci in Lido de Jesolo.

Shepherd’s pie.

Homemade falafel wrap
Cherry tomatoes
(need to get some crisps from Tesco)
2 x flat nectarines

Pretty good lunch tbh

  1. cheese and cucumber roll, knock off wotsits from M&S, satsuma, hazelnut millionaire bar
  2. 2 x haggis toastie

Lentil daal soup

Would rather have chicken katsu curry

honestly whatever anyone says in these lunch threads is always what i want

really want bacon lentil soup now

You can have mine cause I’ve already abandoned it in favour of an after eight mint muller light, coconut reese’s piece and some BBQ pop chips.

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  1. Whatever looks nicest in the canteen
  2. Quite fancy a KFC actually

I have a salad waiting for me. I would rather have a rare steak.

I can’t decide whether to have some toast and hummus or go out and buy a bacon sandwich

Bacon sandwich now, save the toast and houmous for an afternoon snack

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How do you deal with this when you’re out having dinner with someone? Do you ask them what they’re going to have before you decide? I suffer greatly from food jealousy.


dunno though. i’m not fussy in the slightest and will usually eat absolutely anything. never feel like eating certain foods over others apart from the first thing i read in a DiS food thread

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this is a good plan

< insert picture of you and the rest of the bike wankers all eating dinner together >



I had some Tuna rolls and a tub of salad. It was pretty perfect for today.

wow this new disbot is pretty cool

< insert picture of a sheep in a hat >