Tuesday morn

Off sick, watching all of the episodes of new morph before taking my son to school.

Back to bed/maybe play the nes in a bit.


Work in a bit.

Having some overnight oats.

Drinking a cup of tea.

Get well soon thewarnio.

6 hours of in-person client meetings coming up :pray:

Thanks dude! You feeling better now?

Yeah, much better thanks :relieved:


Morning @anon50098204 - hope you feel better soon…

Morning everyone else.

Back in the office this morning, drove in as I’m dropping the hire car back in 40 minutes. Trying to avoid much conversation with anyone at the moment.

Got some re-work to finish and then update and re-release a report today.

Tonight, might be looking after the bairns.

Standard turgid Tuesday.

Never heard it called etc etc. GWS TW.

Not sure I’ve ever had less to report in my life tbhtbf.

Hello thewarn, hope you feel better :hugs: hello @plasticniki glad you feel better :hugs:

I’m currently undergoing operation Triple T (aka TTT) Tea and Toast and Tuesday. Here’s a photo -


Currently shoving coffee into my gob. Gonna try and get out for a nice long walk today. That’s all i got

Morning all!

I’ve been half awake since three.

Today, I’m applying for child benefit and food shopping. Would like to be outside today but also play computer games.

I went for a run this morning. It was such hard work but I’m glad I got out, been pretty lazy of late.

Lots of work on today so obviously I will be on DiS all day :+1:

You have to apply for food shopping now? Bloody tories.

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feel like going walking near the sea today. where’s easy to get to from london? suppose i could go seven sisters. anything in kent any good?

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:






Morning all. Not much to report today. Going to see David Lynch: (confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as) The Art Life later this evening :+1:

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that is a great mug


The marketing woman started using it a couple of weeks ago and I thought I’d lost it forever :cold_sweat:


30 quid day return. smh.

You tried Thameslink? Coming up as 17 (seventeen) bones for me.