Tuesday Morning 2019-08-06

Bricking it about another hazard test in about 100 minutes. Dammit. I’m probably going to fail again. I hate exams.

@shucks and @xylo have picked the same profile picture…or certainly when scrolling through threads that’s the impression that I get.

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Morning Theo,

Hope all’s well down on the bottom side of the planet. It’s quite dark here and I really should be sleeping.

Hope the test goes better this time around m8.


Thanks cz.

Why are you not sleeping? Hope it’s not stress-related?

Panic attack on Sunday… Still not over it really tbh despite a day off yesterday.

Aiming to go into the office later, but I’m gonna be a wreck :frowning:

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Aw man, shitty news, really sorry. Well I hope you can get through the working day in one piece, at least.


Morning Theo. @colinzealuk :hugs:

On the early, so just about to head on in to work


:+1: :hugs:

Waiting. Think I fucked it again though.

Driving is actually easier than this for some reason :grimacing:

Actually passed. Must have been so bad last time!


I have no need to be awake but I am awake. This is a bad start.

@colinzealuk panic attacks are so draining, I hope work is easy on you today :hugs:


Morning Theo.

Almost missed my flights as there are 2 6.45s to Gatwick.

Ran to make it and it’s already delayed til 7


Well phew that you didn’t!

Where you flying to?


(Just into London for work, pretty annoying use of a day)


Woke up too early, might go for a run but probably wont. Knackered.

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I was running 3 times a week but all this driving learning has completely fucked me on that. It’s annoying, my podcasts are building up.

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Well done Theo!

It’s raining, I didn’t sleep very well and I’ve got a busy day at work. Sigh.

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Results Day in Scotland and we’re running an event celebrating our students and their work.

Having seen some of my results yesterday, I’m not expecting to see many of my class.


No one was bringing you Highers Love? :frowning:
(Sorry - hope this doesn’t reflect badly for you, though.)

Good luck @1101010 - and 1101010 to you as well.

All the best @colinzealuk, hope the rest of your week is restful.

I’ve been sober and not drinking for two out of the last three days (Sunday evening got heavy). Not had that for a long time and feel alright. Went for a recovery run this morning, left knee a bit sore but certainly better than yesterday. It’s nice to get up early in the morning and not feel rubs.


Going for a bit of the ol’ decorative needlework today, so having a massive pancake for breakfast. :cowboy_hat_face: