Tuesday Morning and Day

Morning all!

Everyone is running late in my house except me but I need to do the nursery run before work so I’m late too.

My live class is online this morning to accommodate the strikes at local schools so shouldn’t be too taxing. I also need to mark some work from last week for this afternoon.

Hope your day is good x

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Not gonna lie. I’m pretty hungover


Today I am mostly going to be trying to figure out how the fuck to use a Macbook

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First meeting starting at 8.30. I’m still near home. What is this 8.30 nonsense?!

In my panic I’ve put a dress on, feel like I’m going to work naked.


3 weeks til everyone is back at the office for me and gonna have to try find a way of rocking up earlier than 11ish. Gonna be bullshit


About to take the dog for a walk.

Might go for a walk around some gardens in a bit.

That’s it, really.

Got a question for @whiterussian, if youve seen ‘The Worst Person in the World’?

Is that song they sing at her birthday meal what Norwegians usually sing on birthdays and not ‘Happy Birthday to you’?

quite like it so far, ffs



Writing this morning and a coffee in a cafe.

Off to buy a new suit this afternoon

Hospitality and a seat in the royal box at Wembley this evening.

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Morning Keith and DiS :wave: :blush:

Absolutely livid I need to get up today. So tired and I dreamt it was Friday. Why did I do that to myself?!

The bf has just informed me he’s playing a gig less than a week before we go away for my birthday :cry: pleasedontgetcovid feeling a wee bit annoyed about it tbh, I have no right to but I’ll just tell you DiS to get it off my chest.

Anyway, work, sore eyes, maybe try and go on my bike again :crossed_fingers: then dinner, tv and bed. Exciting.

I should take it to the Work Irks thread but why can’t people just read emails/ documents instead of having to be baby walked through file paths.

I was not prepared for quite how cold it is out there this morning. Fingers are frozen.

I don’t remember that part but I assume it’s the standard one (“Hurra for deg”) as I also don’t remember thinking it wasan unusual song or anything! We also have a translated version of Happy Birthday To You, but Hurra for deg is the OG birthday song

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Enjoy the film? I was contemplating going to see it this weekend.

It’s between that or the hermit of Treig.

Ooft, quite difficult to get out of bed isnt it. Though the roadworks outside at 8:30 again did help somewhat. First day back in the office for a week, gonna get a nice breakfast and try and get some work done without getting too irked. :crossed_fingers:

pretty fucking disgusted at how well this thing is working, tbqfh


My favourite coffee shop keep on showing videos of a guy who likes to have his coffee served in a ladle/random vessels.

Stop it. Badbadbad.

Is it @safebruv?


Alright. Off today. No kids, nothing. Ofc it’s raining this morning. Been and done the big shop, going to have a cold sausage and red sauce sandwich for late brekkie, make a big old pot of veg stock, watch something whilst that’s bubbling away and then go out for a walk when it brightens up later.

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bit cold today, instant regret that i didn’t spend every single hour outside over the last few lovely days. Same as it ever was

waiting on an album, sorting gig plans for tomorrow, need to tidy up the kitchen bombsite from making pasta yesterday aaaand … no thats it