Tuesday Morning Exploding Power Supply general thread

My laptop power supply gave a loud PHUT sound when I turned it on this morning including spraying some brown water around and stinking of melting plastic.

Turned it off, ordered a new one off ebay, then cleaned it up and plugged it back in and it’s working. It’s a fucking enormo brick, though and 7 years old. There was no water in my bag so I’m not sure if something happened or it’s on its way out big style.

Hopefully the replacement works because it was $29 and shipping in two days whereas the official Lenovo one is $92 and ships in 6-9 days because Australia is not a country where the postal service (no matter who you use) does next day.


Evening/morning. Still Monday evening here, I just found out Morgan Freeman used to live in the small town I am working in, Greenwood, Mississippi. That’s all I’ve got.


What’s the town like? I can’t recall if you’re English but I thought you were? Just wondering if it’s mega-different to be in I guess.

Morning chaps

I’m waiting for a train to Prague, I’m on my way to Jordan! I really needed a holiday, can’t wait.

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday


I hope you and @jordan_229 will have a lovely time together in Prague, TBH.


He should be so lucky

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Im american. Its in the Mississippi delta, not much going on.

Good grits, though, right?*

*Yes, I have indeed watched the excellent comedy My Cousin Vinny

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@NeilYoung you haven’t graced us with your take on Outkast yet!

Morning all. Last day of the week for me so that’s nice. Got loads to do but nothing to get stressed about. Hope everyone has smashing Tuesdays :grinning:


Im on the bus!

Nithing more to report.
Listening to OutKast

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Early train to London.

Staying in Wandsworth tonight, in a hotel on the excellently named Smugglers Way. Usually try to plan something for my nights in London, but couldn’t find anything for tonight. Picked Wandsworth cos its easy to get to work and has a Cineworld, but turns out my only options there are Hellboy or Little, and… nooooope.

Civ in my hotel room it is.


is this because you’ve seen Hellboy or is it meant to be bad? I thought from the trailer it looked decent, TBH (although not enough to make the effort to see it but that’s more about the whole childcare thing).

I quite like the del Toro ones but the reviews have been terrible - 14% on RT, average score like 3/10.

Even for free I can’t be bothered with that.

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Awake since 5.30. Nightshift tonight. Need more sleep

Oh that is bad. I wonder if that’s why they released it in the Captain Marvel / Endgame block to either bury it as about too many other films or hope that people were so hyped on superhero/comic flicks they’d rush to it.

Morning j, All,

Watched the first two episodes of series 8 of GoT last night, in which some things happened. Also ate far too much cheese in the form of cheese and veg pie and had some utterly hectic dream sequences as a result. These were exacerbated by Winifred, who seems to think she can change her name by deedpaw to Boss-man, meowling at each of the shut doors in the house at various intervals and jumping on us when we dare ignore her. She has phases of doing this, every now and then. I hope she stops it again soon; No one needs this, Boss-man.

Decided to grace the office with my presence today. Already done an email pinging and do another work. as well as suffering an almighty fright when the TV in the lobby was erroneously displaying the time as 5:38am.

Everyone excited about May?


Morning all.

Early start. Setting up and invigilating exam. Tired.

Premiered a new track at @SunnyB’ Cardiff Electronic Producers Network night last night. Playing 9 minutes of drone in which nothing happens to a room of strangers is a very awkward experience. In hindsight I probably played the wrong track. Everyone there seems lovely though.

That’s a very bold move trying that plug again after it sprayed brown water @1101010. I’d have been a wee bit worried of dying an explosive fiery death tbh. I’m glad your faith in power supplies paid off!

That’s all I’ve got. Hope you’re all well.


It was basically have faith or be completely fucked for being able to work for a few days!

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Morning queens. I am currently lying in bed and contemplating breakfast. Today involves a whole lot of ITV daytime television.

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