Tuesday Morning feat. Franklin

Morning all!

Bit wet and cold, isn’t it?

I’m hopeful I will spend most of the day marking with small interruptions from students (planned) or colleagues (coffee).

How about you?

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arrested development act GIF


There’s a song thrush at the tram stop taking me through all of her different songs, it’s so nice. Clever wee angel :innocent:

Double work day today, work then tour then work. Haven’t had to deal with influencers for a while, must remember they do not give a hoot about what I’m saying they’re there because theyre being paid to be, so i might as well take it easy.


Turns out staying up pat 1am drinking and watching TV isn’t a good idea.

Wife is taking the eldest swimming after not bothering to do so yesterday. I’ll take a walk into town to meet them and to drop a print off at the framers

Working in the office this morning, and working from home this afternoon.

My brother in law is coming around to fix my roof after the storms. He wanted to come round yesterday to do it, but I refused as I thought it was far too windy and risky.
Lucky to have a roofer in the family.

Happy twos day


YES EPS. 22.2.22 can’t wait until this afternoon for the full 2 quota.

Palindromic AND an ambigram.

What a day.


Thats two much

Had to do a 7am recorded talk on writing Norse-adjacent lore this morning (with someone in New Zealand hence the early start)

Really hope my strong beard stripes offset my very clear tiredness

“The Northern Quarter was invented in 2003 by a local woman who had moved from the Eastern Quarter. Trade between these rival kingdoms was rare until the Falafel Agreement of 2007.”

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(It was actually going to be called the Eastside before Tony Wilson said it wasn’t east enough (it’s NE), so you’re probably more accurate there than a lot of other guides are)

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I should not have posted this

because my weird stomach thing came back and put a stop to my hubristic dreams of pizza

Morning all!

Today could have been my first whiff of freedom from Plague house, if I get negative tests today and tomorrow I would be as free as a bird again. Of course I did a test and I’ve still got a thick line showing that I’m positive. My other half still has a veeeeery faint line, and we’re waiting on Jimbo’s test now - fingers crossed that he’s finally clear

Helping my wedding celebrant buy a car today so it’s just another normal one for KG.

I really think getting married, buying a house, living with my in-laws, getting Covid and having a one year old is doing a number on the ol’ mental health. My head is in the shed.


On the way to Bath to visit the eponymous Roman baths and have a mooch about for a bit.

Got the next 90 minutes or so on an absolute wreck of a train and there’s a disconcerting amount of coughing going on further up the carriage. Wish I’d picked up a coffee at Worcester.

Looking a bit flooded out there





Groggy af this morning.

So, incoming moan

my office are making it mandatory that we show our faces twice a week now. Slight problem - a, I don’t want to and b, I’ve put on like two stone and nothing office appropriate fits meee waaaaah. Moanmoan. It’s fine. Im sure it’ll actually be nice to see people. Haha. I’ve just got so used to lurking in my cave. Sob.

Good luck!

I was due to go to the office today but my insomnia had other plans for me so I’ve been up since about 1:30. Hmm. I can’t risk going to work and having a cry but also don’t want to risk being snippy or crying around mr meo. I’ll just hide in my spare room :woman_facepalming: