Tuesday Morning feat. Franklin

Got a sore stomach. Weird.


Still very snowy here, bit cloudy.

Got some fresh bread in the oven, pretty excited to eat it once it’s done.

Just came across some incredibly clever soundtracking that I just had to share with you guys: In the film Turning Red, about a girl called Mei (who turns into a red panda every so often, you see) they’ve used “It’s gonna be me” in the trailer a lot. IT’S GONNA BE MEI. This is the kind of stuff I get excited about. Thank you and have a good day.

PS: Drink some water you lunatics

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Lads morning out


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with doom and gloom today. This is officially the shittest time of year isn’t it? Really need winter to end. Also war.



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Morning all.

Slept rubbish last night for some reason, feel absolutely knackered today. Really struggling to come round. Will coffee no. 3 turn the tide? Only one way to find out.

Not much else to say today, but I do hope you’re all well.

Got some fence people coming round give a quote for fence destroyed by the FUCKING WIND.
They are going to fuck me like I have never been fucked, aren’t they? Feel my bargaining power is less when there is zero fence there currently…

Could be worse spots for a coffee. Watching a red kite wheel around overhead. Little man has fallen asleep


Very ‘Dad, its much warmer inside’ face

  • Its too late to go onto the office now
  • You should go in, you can get a fancy coffee like all the cool kids and you’ll be miles more productive

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Somethings set of my allergies today - constantly sneezing or feeling like I’m about to

Serves him right for being a baby


Silent protest at his lack of Babyccino


feel like pure shit
made the executive decision to not get out of bed until 1.30pm


Trapped wind.

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Mmmmm yummy

Yeah and this month has been much worse than January

Wish I was born a different person


Can’t believe people think January is the worst month. It has always been February by an absolute country mile bollocks weather, you think it’s short cause it’s only 4 weeks but they seem to stretch out over what feels like 6 months.


Me too, with all the war and storms and covid and insecurity under this government i feel very bleak and wish i was a cat or something, no thoughts just cat food and cat bed

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Wish I was allowed to hibernate

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