Tuesday Morning ft. Flappy Bird

Was reminded of this by something this morning

Actually thought for a minute it must have been a fake thing from a TV show.

Anyway, you can play it online


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Screw this, I have work to do

Anyone heard of this?


The best thing about that was the backlash to the backlash to the backlash, I hope you agree.

@ma0sm is the only Squirtle I will give likes to.

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I had a dream that I had a job to survey a house with whiterussian. I didn’t realise that we were meant to be there at 15.04 and left it too late, I thought we were meant to be there at about half five. Got given a handwritten message from her saying she’d already been and was in the pub. But I had to go there still. Got there and it had a massive garden with a football pitch and a small train and tunnel it was fucking great you twats.


@whiterussian can you confirm?



Missed your opportunity to sell it on Ebay for massive cash by 5 years it seems.

I have no idea. It was because former DiS Alumni Mike Diver posted about a game demo called ‘PT’ which I’d never heard of (never being a PS owner etc.) and the wiki page talked about how when it was deleted people sold their PS3s or whatever with it installed on ebay, and it linked to Flappy Bird as a similar thing. Maybe Flappy Bird was reinstated later.

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Restless today. Don’t really know what to do today as have two ‘proper’ days out planned for later in the week so should probably keep it low key, but don’t really want to stay around at home or local. Holidays are really dragging.

Hope Tuesday treats everyone well.

Assume you’re talking about things to do out with the boy?

TBH I’ve usually just enjoyed the laziness of a home hang but it can get a bit much. Swimming pool near you you could take him to maybe? I mean I know it’s basically stressful as you get no time to yourself but equally I quite like how I can’t really worry about anything else while I’m there with her.

As long as you have mucho snackage to keep them from going nuts after, of course!

What’s that ‘Hatch’ under the bridge on Oxford Road in Manchester? Saw it the other day. When I were a lad that’s where homeless people would take shelter.

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Yeah, things to do with R.

Lack of structure at home basically just seems to make us both prone to getting quite grumpy, so it actually feels more managable going places than staying at home.

We don’t swim so pool is out of contention (should really get him lessons tho). Will probably just do library and playground or similar. I’m itching to get out out, but should probably be patient as there is still a lot of holidays left to do things we want to.

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It’s for independent businesses. The units are rented for a month to three months at really cheap rates so they can test out having a premises rather than online shop woth an aim to get them set up in Afflecks or simialr. They get mentoring too. The centre is food and drink with lots of free events for families.

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Playmobil movie is out. We’re going tomorrow.

Here’s me thinking it was a bar

Not sure how old R is but we started swimming lessons with F only about a year ago and she is now really good (aged 6.5). You can’t leave her on her own but she can go under water and stuff.

But she wasn’t having any of them about 3 years back. Flat refusal. Probably kids she knows swimming has helped. I am not a great swimmer at all but that doesn’t seem to have translated much, thankfully.

That said, she always enjoyed us taking her to the swimming pool and wearing her water wings. Generally had a lot of fun splashing about and stuff.

Otherwise, are there any play cafes you can go to for a bit? Like any with toys in them? F always loved just going to a different environment for a bit like that.

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I am scared if I take him he will want to have Playmobil! Also, he strangely really doesn’t like films even though at home that means an opportunity to watch more tv than he would usually.

Going to try get him to the new Shaun the Sheep one when that is out though as he loves Shaun and Timmy.


Can’t believe this is a thing.

Actually just generally impressed Playmobil is a thing at all. In the 80s it seemed like such a poor effort LEGO and I always assumed it must have completely died out in the 90s as computer games rose up. But no.

(We have a bunch of stuff that F regularly plays with in her doll’s house.)