Tuesday morning morning

Hi all.

It’s ten past one, so it’s Tuesday. Technically I’ve only just got into bed, but I did fall asleep whilst driving home tonight so I think ‘today’ qualifies as tuesday.

What are you all up to today? I’m not at work which is excellent, and my girlfriend’s coming over to start our few days together for my birthday.

Yesterday I was a bit wary of not having money for York, so I took out £100 in cash, leaving the same in the bank. This evening I attempted to buy a bottle of water with my card, and it was declined, so I guess I’ve got £100 in cash for our trip to York, a gig I’m playing on Saturday, getting to Milton Keynes to see my son on Sunday, and the whoooole of next week :thinking:

Ace. It’s not all bad news though, this happened this evening:

Pretty much cancels out the shitstorm yeah? Yeah?

Somebody help me.


still awake for some reason.

been really enjoying teaching lately. have been doing ‘lyric lessons’ with my private students where we listen to a song and decipher some lyrics together. did 1999 with my 8 yr old student today and he was too busy dancing all over the place to really pay attention to the words, which was great :smiley:


I mean stay safe man. Your post reads quite off-hand but then it sounds like you almost killed yourself driving home so, you know…


7pm here in Vancouver. Life is good


business trip wanker.



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Another business trip wanker. Hello from Caesars palace :grimacing::grinning:


I’m in a very empty Barcelona-Girona airport. Not much to do in departures. Might douse myself in something expensive in duty free. Can’t wait to get back and see the TV, the maximum time we’d spent apart since we started going out was the two nights I spent in Glasgow!


I’ve run out of breakfast foods so I’m having a big slice of cake for breakfast.

I am an adult.


Are you winning?

I’m having a bowl of Bircher porridge with peaches, raspberries, strawberries and grapes. And a coffee.

Already spent far to much time proving Theo wrong this morning. Hope the builders come early so I can get to work and have a shower - I got well sweaty at Ty Segal last night

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I mean it’s your time to use as you wish, don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise!

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Got a poorly tummy :frowning:

Morning, I’m at this


Cycled into town for it & almost killed myself. Bike wankers are deadly

Should be an interesting morning of English with strange accents

Morning everyone,




Morning! Can’t wait to get away for a week. Wfh until a parcel arrives, hopefully in the morning…

Morning folks! More beer-pricing today, might get some more samples off a rep today I think though so that’s ok. Got a Waitrose 1 pasty for my lunch, I’m very discerning when it comes to pasties so we’ll see if it lives up to the fancy packaging.

I’m now wfh because a skip lorry has gotten itself stuck on the narrow street my car’s parked on and I can’t get past it or do a U turn to go the other way. For ffs’ sake.

I don’t think my boss believed me. Should have just said I shat myself in traffic.


1000% yes, or you lose


Flying home today. Fuck off real world.