Tuesday morning morning

I went with my dad to Cromford Mill last time I visited him, went for a little walk along that canal that starts at the cheese shop, he likes it round there

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good morning morning

Oh lovely! Gonna take in a bit of the mill and the canal on this walk I think :blush:

This sounds absolutely delightful.

I drove directly from MK to Gloucester yesterday for band, so I went through the Cotswolds.

Bloody lovely, it was.


Sorted out my tasks for the week ahead after a few days out and it’s stressed me out so much I had to go play Black Sabbath riffs through a bitcrusher for a while to calm down. And now I’m going to play Zelda until my haircut appointment at 12 then have lunch.

You could say that I should be using this time to get through the mountain of work that’s stressing me out instead. You could say that, and I would ignore you.


Eating my lunch already.

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spending the next couple days painting a family friend’s extension room, hoping it’s quite therapeutic also cash in hand job, yay!

also considering going back to Berlin for a couple days next week, I’ll pick up some stuff from my exs but also to see how I feel after some time & space

I have a grappling superfight type thing the week after next and a tournament this weekend both excited and slightly trepidatious.

Got a spin class in half an hour but I’ve forgotten my hair clip/ bobble, ARRRRGH. Elastic band it is then (SO bad for your hair).

There’s a couple at the airport with their little chihuahua on the table. Which is hygienic.

IKR, that poor wee dog. God knows what manky airport travellers have been putting on that table. :persevere:


Yeah in fairness most people here are probably significantly dirtier than this dog.

12:32-13:32 now, dammit parcelforce

12:28, none of you win today’s fantastic prize.

That seminar just made me angry & frustrated

:frowning: well educated people with the best intentions but a seeming failure to grasp any kind of proactive strategy :frowning:

Just landed back in brexitland. Now waiting to fly back oop north. Feel dreadful, natch.

It was incredible thanks! So much amazing scenery and the scale of everything is just mind-boggling. Also weird to be higher than Ben Nevis for most of it and absolutely roasting!

Think the highlight was probably Bryce but it’s a tough call. Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was weirdly emotional for both of us. I suppose you build something that iconic up in your head and then when it exceeds your expectations it is all a bit much in a strange way.


Photos really don’t do the Grand Canyon justice do they? I remember sitting close to the edge one evening watching the sunset, and being absolutely overwhelmed by what I was seeing.


They totally hide the depth of it. All our photos look really flat - I suppose the fact that you are moving when you’re there, even if that movement is just your head and eyes, allows you to see and feel that it’s nearly 2000 metres deep.

And then you can drive for miles and it just goes on and on and on like the negative of a mountain range. So cool.


I spent around €700 on flights, accomodation and ticket. Could do it for less next year I think. Was late booking somewhere to stay.

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