Tuesday morning thread feat. terrifying finger puppets (blurred))

Morning all

I’ve been up since 5 as the trains between King’s Lynn and Cambridge are messed up. I got out of the house okay, caught my train fine, and everything has been going just fine. And then Facebook has to suggest this to me from Amazon. (Blurred: mildly terrifying finger puppets)

I’m not what I expected when Facebook and Amazon combined, to be honest.

Off to London for the day for an all-day in-person meeting (woo)

How are your days looking? Any exciting plans?


Tired today. Home visit from my daughter’s new teacher ahead of her first day tomorrow. Then probably take her out for lunch or something.


I hope you and your daughter’s new teacher have a nice lunch :slight_smile:


Cheers dad

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Someone’s got to do the Lord’s work until Funkhouser comes back

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Morning. Partner was planning on a open day at Strathclyde uni but changed their mind so I don’t get to spend the day roaming the halls of my old school.

Now I guess I should work. Ffs.

In person meeting at 9 which really grinds my gears when core hours start at 10. Well, its a 75 minute walk once school opens at 8 so god speed to my managers who think I’ll make it

Just work for me today I reckon

Had a dream that I disappointed Zarah Sultana by not getting a PowerPoint ready until the very last second before her presentation. Sorry Zarah :pensive:

Morning :cloud:

Had a really rubbish night’s sleep so have that horrible sicky feeling.
Cat has another vet appointment in two hours so having a little sit before getting in the shower and stuff.
Unprecedented levels of CBA today.

Ugh, another rubbish nights sleep thanks to another night of thunderstorms. The cherry on the cake today is that the weather set off some kind of alarm that’s been going off since 11.30pm

New music coming out today from both Björk and Mandrake Handshake though, which makes everything better

Morning all,

failed to fully grasp the length of the school holidays (they are going on forever!) so it’s WFH with kids getting bored around me again today. It’s like lockdown all over again! AT least it’s just today. Behind on lot’s of work and no inspiration as normal.

Best have breakfast anyway!! Take care out there punx


Another for the rubbish night sleep club, though not cause of mini (she was sleeping alright which given the thunder and lightning was a pleasant surprise. Ive had really bad shoulder/arm pain, was in agony over night. Its a little better now but still uncomfortable. Think it maybe has been a trapped nerve or something.

Had coffee and chocolate hazlenut croissant for breakfast.

Meeting a friend for lunch today which will be OK. It kind of feels like we’re doing it out of obligation tbh on both sides at this point. Once back I’ll get some packing done for our trip to Colchester tomorrow.

Hey everyone

Back at work and sad about it, day is light on meetings though , although I’ve got one at fucking 6:30 pm :fu:

Made my smoothie a bit too thick, got some washing to hang. Ho hum

Eldest first (half) day at school. Did like the ripping off of child from Mother’s leg when unsure if he wanted to go in. Loved the efficiency of it. Reckon I can do the entire school run in 3 minutes when he starts properly.

This morning, I was up and ready in loads of time to go from Bristol to London for the work event I’m co-organising.

I even had the liberty of leaving my suitcase in my room while I had breakfast rather than shovelling food down with my suitcase next to me so I can immediately check out.


  • my keycard stopped working and I couldn’t use the lift, so walked up four flights of stairs to my room on the 4th floor
  • keycard was also not working for my room
  • had to go all the way back downstairs to get a new card for my room, and all the way back up to get my suitcase, which then was a struggle to shut
  • whizzed off to Temple Meads and the MOTHERFUCKING machine wouldn’t accept my debit cards. the till was closed and the temporary till was right around the back and there was a massive queue. I was running around like a headless chicken swearing and shouting because I was so upset and stressed - it definitely looked like I was going to miss the train when i was RIGHT THERE - I managed to get a machine to work and get my ticket, then raced around all the slow walking people who were in my way, I’m bright red and sweating profusely and gasping for air. Made the train but I now look shit.

I always end up in this situation no matter how much I try to be organised, what is the actual fucking point. This event has stopped me doing my normal job properly for weeks (at a time when I REALLY could have done with making the most of prepping over the summer) and caused tonnes of stress, I’ve had to constantly go up to London to see the building (the space we’re hosting in was only completed yesterday) spending £32 a pop of my own money every time because I’m based in the London office.

Can I put my feet up and relax after the event? Haha no I am back to Bristol tomorrow then Manchester on Thursday evening (at the end of a full day of work) and I’m working there on Friday and Saturday (Saturday with a massively unreliable colleague who is either always late or absent, so I’m not even sure if he’ll turn up, and I can’t buy a train ticket home yet because Avanti).

I do like my job a lot and I knew this week would be a clusterfuck but i could do without completely unnecessary fucking issues like this. Why the fuck are e-tickets not standard

Edit: lmao now everything is going to shit with the event as well, courier is 2.5 hours early, site team are oblivious, no one has a clue what’s going on and I’m on a fucking train

Still raging from learning last night how grimly our neighbour + friend has been treated by her (soon to be ex-)husband. Utter prick.

Anyway… start new job today :+1:

Got some new pillows to plonk under my memory foam ones. They’re really firm and keep their shape well.


  • Good level of head support/elevation when wfb.


  • Probably a bit high for sleeping. Slightly sore neck. Hopefully I get used to it.

But them’s the breaks.

According to TV I have had some sort of virus since Saturday without me realising it. Main after effect I can’t open a bottle of Purdey’s cause my wrists ache so much. Sake

work, one big meeting, Glasgow, probs beers+pizza, disers, Bright Eyes

decent tuesday