Tuesday morning thread guten tag

Been awake for hours stressing about a work thing :slightly_frowning_face:
10 years ago Smee would be shocked and appalled that this could ever happen.

Today I will go to work and then I will come home. Once I’m home I’ll have dinner then put the kids to bed. Then I’ll chat to the wife then we’ll go to bed. Everyone and again I try to impose a rule that I must play at least 30 mins guitar/banjo/bass every day but most days there’s not even time for a quick strum.

Edit: I’m happier than this makes me sound

Had a drink yesterday and annoyed because I didn’t really want or need to and it’s just going to make work shitter today/rest of the week


But yeah I feel you - my days are pretty full of stuff that are child related and there’s not much space for anything else. x


Yesterday I learned why you don’t see many tradespersons in skinny jeans while they’re working. I have friction burns on the back of my knees.

Living room floor is going in today, couple more deliveries, some light furniture assembly, but mostly I’m going to lie on my newly assembled bed playing on my Switch and not offering anyone cups of tea because I forgot to bring the kettle over.




Very high levels of CBA today and I’m not even out of bed yet.

Pretty pissed off with myself for doing no work yesterday.

Late for work, underprepared for an interview, running on next to no sleep. Can I skip to tomorrow instead?

This is very early isn’t it?

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On the train to London. Forgot my fucking headphones.

My colleague just got on and has brought me a bacon butty and a coffee from Greggs. What a fucking legend.



I also had a rubbish sleep, stressing about a work thing. I thought I’d sleep in until 7.30am but my neighbour is having some roofing work done and they started work at 7.15am. What the actual fuck?!

Got a feeling I’m gonna get #bombarded because I was off yesterday and the office control freak is back after a week off so she’ll be desperate to give people things to do

is there a word for someone who loves giving people jobs?

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I had an (important) email this morning that I saw the title of and the sender but when I hit snooze on my alarm I must have also done something to this email.

It’s gmail. I’ve search the sender in all folders and title and nada. I suspect maybe I swiped it which I used to thibk deleted things but it’s not on my bin. What does swiping do? WHERE’S MY EMAIL?

I’ve searched everything and everywhere. Stupid function. How do I bring it out of retirement? (Its ok…I will Google this, just venting)

Nope. Not archived! It’s actually vanished.

Not sure if any of the regular users of the bLondon King’s Cross to King’s Lynn line have noticed this, but: the auto-announcer says “Cambridge North” with a flourish. Cambridge is just regular, but Cambridge North is like ":partying_face: CAMBRIDGE NORTH! "

Morning all.

Sure I’ve said this before but for Horwich Parkway the announcer definitely says Porridge Parkway

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Obviously not on your route she doesn’t

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