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Could you have dreamt the email? I know this sounds like a sarcastic question but is it possible you weren’t totally awake when you switched the alarm off?

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Horwich sounds like Norwich and Harwich had babies. I think I need more sleep.

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Subject: Alarm
From: dismiss@snooze.com

This would be my first assumption as I have very vivid dreams just like this sort of shit but I’m 95% sure this was real this time.

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They’ve probably heard that it’s my local station now.

Baby signing is cancelled (probably due to the strikes which are crippling public services in Glasgow this week.) I’m not sure what to entertain The Child and my nephew with now.

Get them started on Fortnite


Morning all,

No trains all morning. Points failure at Harrow and Wealdstone. In a cab to Watford Junction.

Real shite of a night. Waiting to hear from the ex if I’m kidwatching tonight. If not then will head to football on my way home from work.

Don’t really want to approach today much.

Positive is the cabbie is in good spirits, all things considered.

Negative is the Radio 1 breakfast show on.

You’ve probably tried this but swiping down from the top of your home screen and finding the notification of the email could work maybe?

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hope you feel better soon mate :slight_smile:


Where bounce u moved to, Eps?

That’s where I accessed it from initially so theres no notification anymore (I’m on Samsung…Not sure if there’s a way to see all notifications after they’ve been dismissed)

Oh well. I can just send a weird email to him asking whether or not I dreamt the email.

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Chesterton, off Milton Road.

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Nice. I’ve been using :partying_face: CAMBRIDGE NORTH as it’s quite a pleasant cycle ride to / from town.

I haven’t been yet! Only picked people up/dropped them off.

I might take the train to work more often if the winter traffic out of [redacted] - or at this end - starts to piss me off too much.

Called in sick, feeling really rough. Got the duvet out and gonna watch episodes of the Good Fight till I feel better.

online for the day shift
where are all the great threads i’d heard about?


I was going to make one about spoon rests (I’d like a spoon rest)

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DD, totally support the strike. Much needed direct action after none for years. But there has been hay made on the Internet about how the Union are spinning this, and Labour are, despite alleged years of ignoring the issue.

I can’t tell what is true anymore. You’re always well informed, so if you don’t mind I thought I’d ask.

Hope you’re well!


It’s annoying that they aren’t running trains from CAMBRIDGE NORTH all the way through on the Thamslink lines to places like Gatwick and Brighton. Bit of a missed opportunity there, I think.