Tuesday Morning Thread sponsored by Utility Kilts


Reader, I deleted them.

We just had an hour of ridiculously stormy weather and now the sun’s shining in a blue sky again. Melbourne is weird.



Peanut butter on toast.

Hang some washing out.

Go to work.



At work.


Unsure what it’ll be like today.


Remembering how unpleasant it is to get the tube into work.


Working 8-8 all week and this Saturday will be my 5th in a row :unamused:

Then I start a new job which is much higher where I do about a 5th of the work. How is that fair lads.


I’ve no idea how people manage to get up and do useful stuff before work. I just about manage to brush my teeth and make myself look vaguely presentable. Anything else is far too taxing.


Morning all. My hands are still covered in fake blood from yesterday and it looks like I’ve murdered someone :grimacing:


I’m imagining a kilt with some sort of inbuilt tool-receptacle. And possibly a tin of shark repellent.

Edit: meant to be a reply to @1101010


This post probably won’t count as an alibi when the police question you, btw.


Good luck pal. Working in a job you hate and feel trapped in fucking sucks. You can get out of it and go onto much better things though, I’m sure of it.


Morning fine folk of DiS!

Today I will mostly be doing some work nonsense and more applying to jobs. Then meeting noted top lads @AphexTwinkletoes and @Gert for Disintegration State related pint this evening.


Morning team! Had a really irritating day at work yesterday for reasons I still can’t quite put my finger on, just spent a lot of it mildly irked, today should be better though. Might do a big shop tonight. That’s all I’ve got. I’m with you @Tilly I don’t understand all this before work activity and I can’t say I agree with it morally.


The flip side is that I just do everything half arsed all the time


Oh wow I’ve just realised Mike has gone for a bike ride but he’s left his keys here so I can’t go to work lol


Can’t you use your app to track where he is and detour your route to drop him his keys?


A meeting of legends. Enjoy!


Have a day off, poindexter. This is actually a good idea, you should do this if you can @plasticniki




Morning all.

Last night I cooked dinner in my Le Creuset casserole pan. We ate dinner and sat chatting for about an hour afterwards, before deciding to clear the plates. It was then that I noticed that I’d left the gas hob on underneath the pan. My favourite pan, fucked.

Nowt else to report.

Have a nice day everyone.


Definitely fucked? Those Le Creuset pans are pretty hard-wearing.

Try half filling it with water and putting a dose of biological washing powder in and simmering gently for 30 mins or so.

EDIT: This is actually what the Le Creuset helpline told my friend to do, or something similar. I tried bio liquid and it didn’t work. Powder only, apparently.