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scenes from my forthcoming visit to Cork

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You could come during the Jazz Festival? (Yes, we have a jazz festival…)

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Guys, would anyone be up for contributing to a photographs of your house plant thread? I have a fetish that needs an itch and I feel like I haven’t seen any of your plants for ages.

Yes. Though I can’t take any pictures until later and some of them are a bit dead.

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oh wait i did a thread ages ago?

Excellent. That’s okay, dead or alive, I’m in to it! :smiley:

Ooh, yeah I did see that, but I just read the OP and thought it seemed specific to tips? I just want visuals to eyeball :drooling_face:

it died anyway. make a new one! i will post and i also want more houseplants. might acquire some this weekend.

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Mine seem to veer between dying almost immediately, or growing to monstrous sizes. We gave a way a few yukkas when we moved because they were over 4 foot tall. But I’ve had a Cornish Palm die on me recently (because it got moved up onto a dark shelf and got no light and forgot to get watered).

I think our only plant now is some sort of Aloe that I bought from the Eden Project when it first opened, so must be about sixteen years old.

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Happy to contribute but mine are just green lads, not much going on. Waiting for my chilli plant to flower tho.

I have taken a photo of my least favourite corner of my house in preparation.

I will NOT be photographing the lemon tree that lives on my dining room table.

Oofft! That is very old! None of my plants are any older than a few years, apart from my spider plant which is an accumulation of a very old spider plant and all it’s babies detached and grown separately until they’re big enough and then shoved into one pot!

Please show me the lemon tree too. That’s the one that broke your guitar thingy isn’t it?

I don’t want to talk about it.

So are mine! Flowers are for lame-ohs! They just wither and perish.


The lemon tree is still there? Dining room tables are not good long-term homes for plants.

She takes it outside on sunny days. I’m not getting involved.


I took three photos. The first one accidentally contained highly confidential information in the background that I’d lose my job for putting in the public domain. The second contained my pants, because there’s loads of washing that needs putting away.

That tree hates me.

Just confirmed that one of my good mates is taking our spare room when we move in. Delighted to have someone normal taking the room.

I had to give a plant away cause it’s v toxic to cats.

Left it outside my flat with a FREE PLANT sticker on and it went within like 2 mins?

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