Tuesday Morning Thread

What’s for brekkie?

Apricot wheats and a big ol’ mug of cba

Co-Op Special Flakes.

Probably brew up some coffee.

Toast with gooseberry jam I think.

Realised the 3 nights I’ve been away the heating has come on timer for a few hours. But I never set the timer! It’s done this 3 or 4 times now, sentient boiler.

Morning Jordan :wave:

Breakfast was grudgingly weetabix because I ran out of time to make porridge. Weetabix is such a rubbish cereal.

Got a busy morning of preschool drop off - > doctors appointment - > raffle launch.

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Omg the same

Cheerios. Dull.



Tea and toast

Strong breakfasting Funkhouser


I don’t stay in the shape I’m in by not eating cake for breakfast.

Dreadful hotel buffet bacon and mushrooms. Then some mediocre yogurt and fruit salad.

Fried rice :neutral_face:

At the airport waiting to fly to Vietnam. Laos have a pretty nice airport considering. Did the wrong thing and checked the airline’s safety record :grimacing:


How’s the sticky rice been?

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Toast, :lemon: curd and coffee.

Baby signing this morning.

I’m gonna be honest I didn’t really enjoy the sticky rice all that much and stuck to the steamed rice when I could. I’ve now had rice twice a day for the last 5 weeks - quite keen to never eat it again.

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Morning pals,
Have to go pay a parking ticket today (ffs) and then the world is my oyster. Probably try on some clothes but not buy anything. Meant to be going to an open mic night but idk, might have no one to go with.

Also 4 days off fegs

Think my Grandma is the only person Ive known who had lemon curd on toast.

had a slice of soreen, went for a run, might have some scrambled eggs on a bagel now, or maybe just yoghurt